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Why the Ukulele is the Best Instrument?

Ask any ukulele player and you'll get more than 1000 reasons!

by Frances Lin

Why is the ukulele the best instrument to pick up and play? As a pianist, so much went into my training. I started when I was six, and although it is a very therapeutic practice of music, I must say that it is a fairly complicated process. Picking up the ukulele has been a true joy since I started about a year ago. It is probably the fastest way to reach instant gratification because I played my first song on the first day!

Let me break down the reasons why the ukulele is an amazing instrument and the best one to pick up whether you have a musical background or not!

The Ukulele as a Versatile Instrument

The ukulele comes in many sizes so that anyone can find the perfect fit for them whether they are a child, petite, or rather big. No matter the size of your hands, you’ll find the best instrument for you inside the ukulele collection:

Finding Your Ukulele

In this Buyer’s Guide, you will be able to check some affordable ukuleles:

You may also opt to get a beginner ukulele:

There are plenty of ukuleles that are inexpensive that are well made and useful for certain situations. A plastic Flight ukulele is perfect for camping and beach hopping. Browse the Terry Carter Music Store for amazing ukuleles that are priced as low as you can get them!. Most of my ukuleles came from ULTP, and they are incredible instruments.

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The Easiest Instrument on the Planet

As I mentioned in my introduction, the ukulele is a very easy instrument to pick up. Already having a musical background, I was drawn from the start, but let me reiterate that you do not need to have a musical background to start playing the ukulele. Terry Carter gives you the top five reasons to start playing the ukulele here:

So why is this the easiest instrument on the planet? Find out now!

Ease of Chord Shapes

When you start, you will be focusing on strumming and playing chords. Most of the chord shapes are not difficult, and as you get better, you can start exploring bar chords and more challenging ukulele techniques.

Instant Gratification

Maybe we do not want to admit it, but instant gratification can be very satisfying. After learning just a few chords, I was already prepared to strum a tune as I learned how to manage chord transitions and chord positions. As a singer, I was happy to learn that I could sing the songs as I played.

Everybody has a different method when learning an instrument. As a Platinum Member at Uke Like The Pros, you can take as many courses as you want. No matter your approach, the ukulele can deliver!

Community and Zen

Community and Zen are probably some of the most appealing things about the ukulele. There are many ways to participate in various ukulele communities. Remember that the more you play, the better you get. The better you get, the more you will want to play. After a hard day at work, there is nothing more satisfying than strumming a tune and singing the blues away.

Uke Like the Pros Nation

Uke Like the Pros Nation is a community that I am proud of being part of, and it is the reason why I know as much as I do in just a short year. ULTP Nation has different levels of memberships  –Premium and Platinum– that allow a beginner, intermediate, or advanced ukulele player to access many courses (from basics to soloing) while playing with an exceptional and encouraging community.

As Terry Carter says, the worst player usually learns the most in a community, and that could not be more true. Getting out of your comfort zone and playing with others is the fastest way to improve. One highlight of being a premium or platinum member is the LIVE Q&A sessions that Terry Carter leads for the ukulele community. During these live sessions, members of the community play along and learn with Terry. It is a great way to play with other talented musicians.

Jam Sessions and Camp Fires

Zen… The ukulele originates from the Hawaiian Islands, and the trademark word for this instrument is “Zen.” It is a happy instrument filled with community, play-alongs, and jam sessions. It is the perfect instrument to pick up if you are looking for a stress reliever, and it is enjoyable to learn as you progress. The joy I get from playing my ukulele is immeasurable!

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Playing the ukulele is life-changing for most people who partake in picking up this instrument. The benefits include a substantial improvement in the quality of life, as strange as that may sound. There are definitely resources for the ukulele all over the internet, but you can find everything you need from how-to guides and videos to a warm and welcoming community at Uke Like the Pros. Join ULTP Nation, and get started now!

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