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Where To Buy An Ukulele Online?

Terry Carter Music Store has it all!

by Susan Montgomery

There are so many places to find ukuleles now, but how do you know which place is a “good place” to buy an ukulele? How do you know if you are buying a quality ukulele or a cheap toy that isn’t going to sound good? I will walk you through where you can buy a quality ukulele and have all your ukulele needs met!

Where To Buy An Ukulele Online?

Shop for Your Ukulele Needs Easily

The Terry Carter Music Store is a one-stop-shop for all your ukulele needs. You can find all the great ukulele accessories at this store so you aren’t left to find items at other random places. You can find your perfect ukulele along with straps, capos, strings, cases, amps, humidifiers, instructional books, and more.

One of the great things about picking out your ukulele at the Terry Carter Music Store, is that you can ask questions and have them answered promptly. If you need some custom work done or a professional setup, they can help you out there, too. You can get strap buttons put on, action adjusted, Low G strings put on, and more!

Great Ukulele Choices

There are so many great ukulele options at the Terry Carter Music Store. Are you looking for a concert size ukulele? That is a very common size. Check out this Cordoba Matiz Concert Ukulele at the Terry Carter Music Store. It has mahogany top, back, and sides, and comes in a beautiful mint color, along with other colors, like mango, chili red, and classic blue. They are very eye-catching! This ukulele would be perfect for a beginner. Cordoba is a high quality brand and the Matiz ukuleles are stylish and easy to play. It also comes with a beautiful coordinating case and has Aquila strings.

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If you are looking for soprano ukulele, this Enya Nova-U Soprano might be just right for you.These are made of carbon fiber and are super durable! I absolutely love my Enya Nova in the concert size, too. They are perfect for taking outside, to the beach, camping, backyard barbecues, and more! They are practically indestructible. It has a slim body and comes with a nice, black case.

Do you like the tenor size ukulele? Some people really like this size because there is more room for your fingers on the neck and frets. This is my favorite size to play, as well. This Ohana Student Pack comes with a mahogany tenor sized ukulele, gigbag, tuner, strap, and other accessories. Ohana is another high quality brand and this tenor is affordable, too. A perfect option for those looking for a great-sounding tenor ukulele.]

I can’t leave out Baritone ukuleles. These are really great for people who want more room on the fretboard. This is the largest size ukulele. This special Kala Uke Like the Pros Baritone Ukulele Starter Kit is perfect for anyone who wants to make the jump to a Baritone ukulele. This is a signature ukulele exclusively available at the Terry Carter Music Store. Terry and his team actually designed this! It has a solid spruce top with a tobacco burst look and mahogany back and sides. Check out the next video of Terry talking about this signature ukulele. It comes with a gig bag, cloth, string winder, and more accessories!

Ukulele Straps

Having a cool ukulele strap is a fun part of owning a ukulele. The Terry Carter Music Store has great options for you that will compliment your personal style whether they are solid colors, floral, or geometric patterns. This D’Addario Woven Aloha strap is durable and gives you a Hawaiian flare with the floral design. If flowers aren’t your thing, check out this Flight Arcana Polyester strap. It has a really cool geometric pattern that creates a three dimensional look. Now, that is cool!

More Ukulele Accessories

You can find more ukulele accessories at the Terry Carter Music Store. Amps, pedals, humidifiers, strings, and instructional books can all be found here. If you are looking to record yourself playing the ukulele, there is a nice selection of high quality microphones, too, like this Shure Dynamic Instrument Microphone.


Once you have your ukulele, you’re ready for some lessons! Uke Like the Pros has lessons in fingerstyle, Blues, Baritone ukulele, music reading, and even lessons on Christmas songs. Check out the different membership levels at There are different price points, so there is something for everyone! Have fun shopping for your new ukulele!

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