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What Ukulele Does Taimane Play?

Her fingers seem to fly across the strings!

by Susan Montgomery
What Ukulele Does Taimane Play?

You may have seen one of her amazing YouTube videos, but did you know Taimane is a ukulele virtuoso and composer? She has a unique style and a diverse collection of ukuleles she incorporates into her performances. In this article, I’ll introduce you to Taimane, her background, and her ukulele collection. Let’s dive in!

Who is Taimane?

Taimane Gardener was born in Hawaii in 1989. She had an impressive early life and not only started playing the ukulele at age 5, but she even studied under Jake Shimabukuro after being discovered by Don Ho, a famous musician. She performed on Waikiki often and even started producing her own albums. She has many videos on YouTube, too.

Her Distinctive Style

Taimane has a very distinct playing style. She has fingers that just seem to fly across the strings. She can play any style of music, including flamenco with ease and precision. She released her first album in 2005 titled Loco Princess. She went on to produce more solo albums and even has a Tiny Desk Concert on NPR that has over 1.4 million views. I guarantee you will want to watch the whole thing! Over the years, she has incorporated more dancing and singing with her playing.

Taimane’s Ukulele Collection

Taimane’s prized ukulele was always her cedar-topped Kamaka ukulele she named “Blackie”. It has a flat black lacquer finish and was partly inspired by her tattoo which reflects her heritage. In a 2015 interview with Ukulele Magazine, Taimane explained her Kamaka ukulele had to be retired because of too much tapping, one of her unique playing characteristics. She then played a Koa Kamaka ukulele.

Now Taimane has partnered with Enya and has her own signature ukuleles. She wanted to create something that was affordable and travel-friendly. Her signature Moon 4-string tenor ukulele features an all-solid mahogany body with a thin body design which makes it easier to travel with. The Moon ukuleles come with an optional Acoustic Plus system, too, and despite the thin body, you can still get a good volume with it. You can watch Taimane with the Enya Moon Ukuleles here on YouTube:

Look no further, you can find these ukuleles at the Terry Carter Music Store:


The Enya Moon also comes with a nice, padded gig bag. You can even find one with 5 strings, which includes two low G strings. It helps to balance and warm-up the sound, according to Taimane. If you want to listen to a great example of this Enya Moon ukulele in action, you can watch this video featuring Taimane playing. Do you see the unique sounds she gets from the ukulele? It’s amazing!



Taimane is an incredibly talented musician who is inspiring new ukulele players every day with her playing ability. Be sure to check out the Uke Like the Pros Community Forum to continue this conversation about the Enya Moon Ukulele. It’s a great community of ukulele players who are happy to discuss all things ukulele! Uke Like the Pros offers a variety of membership packages so you can find something that will work for you and your playing.

What better way to finish this article than through this video with Taimane, playing the Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major on one of her ukuleles? Check this out!

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