What is a Guitalele?

You probably already know but I recently got a guitalele sent to me from KoAloha.
I have fallen in love with this instrument.
What I love about it is that it’s a ukulele, but with 2 extra bass strings it allows for a wide dynamic range, fuller chords, and more of the ability to be a self contained instrument (no bass player needed).
The other thing that is really cool, is that the instrument is easy to handle. Guitars are amazing but, acoustic guitars can be big. Because this guitalele is on the body of a tenor ukulele, it’s real easy to hold and handle.
I also have noticed that there are not tons of instructional YouTube videos on the guitalele.
Maybe that’s because not many people own one.
But here are my thoughts.
I think it’s going to become more popular as we move forward.
Although it’s becoming more popular there’s not a lot of company’s making a quality guitarlele. Yamaha has made one for years but it seemed to attract the guitar players who wanted to make the switch.
Now that KoAloha is in full production of them I do believe you will start seeing more of them.
BTW, I actually have a KoAloha Guitalele for sale, I only have one so if your interested, click here, to see the video I did demonstrating the sound and look of one I call, “The Bomb.”
I also think it’s a great middle of the road instrument for those that like to play guitar and those that like to play ukulele. It’s a gateway instrument. Guitar players can use all the chords they play except all the chords will be transposed up a 4th. That means that the C chord shape on the guitar is actually an F on the guitalele.
Allow with my ukulele videos (and hopefully baritone lessons will be coming soon, I’m still working with a few companies to make that happen), my guitar videos, my Successful Musician videos, I’m going to start doing videos and even a course with the guitalele.
In today’s video I spend a few minutes breaking down what a guitarlele is and unlock some of the mysteries of this amazing instrument.


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