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What is a 6th?

by Terry

Being a ukulele learner you should never stop exploring and should keep asking questions to yourself and your mentors. A few days back, one of my students came up with a great question- What is a 6th?

Well! I hope you have watched all the videos and till now you have also started wondering different things about the ukulele. When the question was asked I instantly thought to make a tutorial explaining it.

Actually, a 6th stands for the interval between 2 notes. But what is an interval? Sounds like a question too! Just watch the complete tutorial and you will find answers to all such questions.

In the tutorial, I have elaborated each and every element by taking a suitable example. Also, it is my advice to all the viewers to only follow the fingers that I am using in the lesson.

Watch the full tutorial and start wondering what your next question is?

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