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What Are The Top 5 Ukulele Strings

A Shopping Guide For You... And your uke baby!

by Susan Montgomery
What Are The Top 5 Ukulele Strings

Have you ever wondered what the top ukulele strings are and how they compare? After all, you want the best, right? This shopping guide is for you! There are many great options for ukulele strings, but the following five brands take the spotlight and remain some of the most popular for ukulele players worldwide. Let’s take a look at the different brands!

Top 5 Ukulele Strings

Martin Ukulele Strings

Martin ukulele strings are known for their excellent playability and the ability to hold their tuning for a long time. Martin soprano/concert and tenor strings are made from clear fluorocarbon and the baritone strings are made with clear fluorocarbon, aluminum wrap wire, and silver plated copper wire. Additionally, they also make a premium ukulele string that was developed with string maker, Aquila. These are made from a polygut material and offer excellent sustain and resonance. You can hear an example of what a set of Martin strings sound like here.

D’Addario Ukulele Strings

D’Addario ukulele strings makes a variety of top-performing ukulele strings. Options include clear and black nylon, fluorocarbon, titanium, and nyltech. D’Addario strings are known for their incredible projection and tone.

You can find clear and black nylon options in soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone sizes. Nyltech is only made for baritone ukuleles. The third and fourth strings are made of a silver-plated copper wound on nylon and the first and second strings are made from their exclusive nyltech material which gives it a traditional ukulele tone.

D’Addario fluorocarbon strings are made from an all-carbon material. They come in a soprano/concert size, tenor, and baritone size. They also have a tenor low G option.

D’Addario also makes a titanium string, which sounds quite powerful, right? These are made from a dense, monofilament and have a translucent purple hue. They feel similar to nylon and are made in soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone sizes. I’ve had the pleasure of playing these strings on a couple of different ukuleles and I can tell you they feel fantastic. I particularly like them for fingerpicking because they offer a bit more to hold onto.

They don’t seem to slip out of your fingers easily and they feel quite strong. The projection is also very bright and clear.  Check out this video by Terry Carter comparing D’Addario’s titanium strings and fluorocarbon strings.

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Ernie Ball Ukulele Strings

Ernie Ball strings remain one of my favorite ukulele string brands and you will see why when you hear how much resonance they have. They are made from a 100% nylon filament. They are offered in a traditional clear resin that has excellent project and a bright, balanced tone. They also offer this in a black resin for a warm, rich tone and a “percussive attack.”

One of the best things about Ernie Ball strings is that they are ball end strings, making it incredibly easy to change your own strings. They even offer a wound low G option in both clear and black in concert and tenor sizes.

Pepe Romero Ukulele Strings

Pepe Romero offers many different string options. Their fluorocarbon strings can boost a ukulele’s power, sustain, clarity, and overall performance. They even have an optional low G which was made by La Bella who they teamed up with to bring these to you.

Pepe Romero also makes one of the most unique string sets ever, the “Baby Baritone Strings”. You can put these strings on a tenor ukulele and have the big sound of a baritone that is also tuned like a baritone in D-G-B-E tuning. I’ve done this in the past to a ukulele and it was a lot of fun to play a tenor that sounded like and was tuned to baritone tuning.

Worth Strings

Worth strings are also very popular in the ukulele world. They are made in brown and clear fluorocarbon. The brown sound warmer and the clear sound brighter. For a detailed look and to hear what these strings sound like, check out Terry Carter’s video on the differences here:


You can find these great ukulele string brands in the Terry Carter Music Store. You may have to try a couple of different brands before settling into which strings you like best. If you have any questions or want to get some opinions on strings, check out the Community Forum on You can also check out the great membership packages, available in monthly and yearly subscriptions. Enjoy picking out your new strings from one of these top brands!

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Sandy Obitz April 17, 2023 - 9:36 pm

Terry thank you for the video on changing my tenor strings to baritone strings.
Will it work on the slim Kala tenor? The body is half the thickness of a regular tenor. What would that sound like?
Will it work on a normal size Concert?
Thanks Sandy


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