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What Are the Advantages to Playing the Guitarlele?

A different, but versatile instrument!

by Frances Lin

What are the advantages to playing the guitarlele? If you are reading this, chances are that you already have possession of this versatile instrument, or you may be contemplating an imminent purchase. Either way, you will definitely branch out into a whole new world with this instrument whether you already play the ukulele or guitar. At Uke Like the Pros (ULTP), there is a wealth of resources on this 6-stringed instrument which is neither a mini guitar or a bigger ukulele. Let’s dive into the advantages!

Guitarlele General Advantages

If you are looking for some quick reasons to delve into this instrument, the guitarlele, this is a quick overview of some of the features. Because it has six strings, these two extra strings bring more depth of sound with even more bass than a regular ukulele, and yet the size of a guitarlele is about the size of a tenor ukulele which makes it more portable than a guitar. Flying somewhere? The guitarlele travels well, but gives you more latitude to practice your tunes or to write songs.

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Other Quick Perspectives

The guitarlele has a sound much like an ukulele, but as said before, more of a range is apparent because you have two extra strings that add more rich, bass overtones. If you are traveling, you can still play your ukulele songs because it is tuned the same as a ukulele on the last four strings from the top G-C-E-A.

Yet if you want a blues or jazz sound, the guitarlele can accommodate that as well with those two extra strings. It almost has the range of a guitar, only it is a much more compact size. My guitarlele was purchased with the intent of learning another instrument that would allow me more latitude when traveling. I purchased my guitarlele from, and I still enjoy learning new chords since chord shapes are different than those of my ukulele. It definitely challenges me!

More Advantages to Playing the Guitarlele

At ULTP, you will definitely find the most comprehensive support for playing the guitarlele. Other videos are available rather randomly on the internet, but if you are looking for a solid understanding and mastery of this instrument, ULTP has you covered. In this section, you will learn about the opportunities for growth on the guitarlele through resources from ULTP. Some considerations also follow as we continue to learn more about this 6-stringed instrument.

Guitarlele Freebies and Videos

If you are interested in really learning the fundamentals to lead you to mastery, then check out the ULTP resources below this pharagraph. You will find free chord charts for the guitarlele ready to download, and you will get a sense of how courses are approached by ULTP Founder Terry Carter. There is a wealth of information available. There is a complete guitarlele course that you can purchase alone, or you may opt to become a premium member and have access to all courses and to the live, Q & A sessions. There is a Q & A specifically for the guitarlele as well where you can meet other guitarlele players that are also members of ULTP Nation.

Given that I am a premium member myself, I watch all the videos for playing the ukulele and guitarlele. Joining ULTP will help you form a foundation in your development as a musician. In the guitarlele course, you will have access to over 35 videos on step-by-step instructions to help you build on your skills as you progress. There will be downloadable music and backing tracks to enhance instruction on the fundamentals. You will learn the depth and breadth of this instrument on ULTP.

Things to Consider

The advantages for playing the guitarlele are clear, and if you are planning on purchasing a guitarlele, consider the benefits for sure. With those extra two strings on this instrument, fingerpicking sounds good. You can explore the blues and jazz with more of a bass sound. You may want to branch out to soloing (there is a course on this on ULTP for soloing as well). Perhaps you dream of songwriting. With the versatility of this instrument, you can grow even more as a musician.


There are many approaches to the ukulele that will work on the guitarlele, but remember, that this is its own instrument. For example, where you strum is different as highlighted in this video:

Learning the most effective methods for playing this instrument are important as you develop as a musician. Join ULTP Nation, and explore the diverse world of the guitarlele. Enjoy yourself as you learn more and more!

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