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Ukulele Strum Patterns that Beginners Need To Know

by Terry

One of the most important things you need to do properly as a ukulele player is strum.

Weather your a beginner or long time ukulele player, weather you play at home or in a ukulele group, strumming is most likely the thing you do most.

The thing that I have noticed is that many people just pick up a ukulele and strum what come natural to them. The problem with this approach is that most people’s natural instincts are wrong.

They use improper technique which limits their talents and could cause injury.

Since I am dedicated to making you the best ukulele player that you can be, I created this video to help address the main strumming problems.

In this video I will give you 3 tips that will help you become a great strummer on the uke.

We will discuss:

  1. Which finger to use when strumming
  2. Where to strum on the ukulele
  3. Looseness and flexibility of the wrist


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