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Ukulele Lessons Near You?

Your search is over!

by Marialejandra Araujo

Meet Jack. He is a lighthearted guy who cares about his family and friends. He wants to prepare a surprise for someone very special to him. After some thought, he realized he could learn and play an epic fantasy song using the ukulele. “Where can I take ukulele lessons near me?”, he asked himself. He found his answer on the web!

You could be like Jack, by the way. Imagine how surprised everyone would be from listening to you playing a song with an instrument they didn’t know you were acquainted with. You can do that by performing with your ukulele since it’s really easy to learn two or three songs. 

But why epic fantasy songs? See, the ukulele is part of the lute family of instruments, and they happened to be the favorite ones to tell stories. As the druidic tradition goes, bards were the ones sharing these stories to keep their tradition alive. Tolkien used that in his books and, since then, no epic fantasy story comes without songs or a bard.

Of course, you can use the ukulele to play any song you like, but if you want to start playing the ukulele from the very beginning, I recommend you start with the simple stuff and then walk your way through harder songs with more complex chords. 

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“Hey! I am not a musician, I don’t even know where to start” I hear. If that’s you, then you are a lucky one as we have prepared the beginning ukulele starter course for those with no experience at all in the music field. You can also wrap our courses as a birthday gift! In any case, a ukulele epic journey is about to start. Join our ukulele roadmap and have fun learning to play one of the most beautiful string instruments out there.

The ultimate ULTP ukulele roadmap

Just in case you are wondering what ULTP stands for, those are the initials of our brand but it can also mean ukulele lessons to play along with family and friends. You are free to choose the one you like.

Now, we were talking about your ukulele journey to become a bard who plays nice songs to entertain your loved ones. Your adventure starts with the ukulele starter course and keeps going on as you sharpen your ukulele skills.

The whole ULTP ukulele roadmap goes like this:





Ukulele Beginner:

This is the very start of your journey to play the ukulele like the pros. You will learn the basics to perform your first song. The most important part? You will get enough confidence in yourself and your skills to learn new things. This section includes several courses:

Ukulele Intermediate: 

At this point, you have worked on the necessary skills to sing epic songs while playing your ukulele. These courses are meant for those who want to pair the fun they get while playing the ukulele with additional skills like music reading, and so on. These are the available courses:

Ukulele Advanced: 

Once you feel comfortable with your ukulele skills, it’s time to challenge your boundaries and learn new ways to enjoy this instrument. For that matter, we have prepared additional courses like these:

That’s the end. However, the fun doesn’t end there as the are more options available for you. These are:


These courses’ objective is to have some ukulele fun. One of them is specially designed for kids. See the list here:

Baritone ukulele: 

Since this type of ukulele makes deeper bass sounds that set it apart, we wanted to offer some courses that focus on mastering it. You can choose from:


Why do you have to choose between the ukulele and the guitar if you can bring the best of both worlds in one place? Learn how to play this awesome instrument with these courses:

As you may have noticed, you don’t have to take all these courses to play to get a ukulele performance you feel comfortable with. Some of these courses aim to meet specific needs. After finishing the Beginner Ukulele Starter Course, we can guide you to choose the right courses for you based on your personal goals.

For further information, leave us a message or simply join our ukulele forum community to engage with like-minded musicians.

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