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Ukulele Hawaiian Christmas Songs

The perfect Hawaiian Christmas selection for you!

by Jennifer VanBenschoten
Can You Play Any Song on the Ukulele?

Are you ready to rock out this holiday season with some ukulele Hawaiian Christmas songs? My father spent a few years in Hawaii when he was stationed there while in the U.S. Navy, and he loves to tell us about the Christmases he spent in Hawaii. His stories of driving around the Big Island with the top down on his convertible are a sharp contrast to the Christmases here in the Adirondack mountains, where it snows until May, and Christmas Eve usually includes a low temperature that’s well below zero. 

Of course, we can’t all spend Christmas in Hawaii, but through the magic of music, there are lots of great ukulele Hawaiian Christmas songs that we can learn and sing! 

When we think of ukulele Hawaiian Christmas songs, most of us automatically think of Mele Kalikimaka, the Hawaiian Christmas song that was made famous by Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters in 1950. But did you know there are other great Hawaiian Christmas songs that you can learn on the ukulele? Take a look at some of these great Hawaiian Christmas songs that you can learn on the ukulele! (Most of these can be found on Spotify and other music streaming services, or check out YouTube!)

Ukulele Hawaiian Christmas Songs

Santa’s Hula

Originally recorded and released in 2003, this is a fun, upbeat number that really sounds like it belongs on the white sandy beaches of Hawaii on Christmas morning. The fun lyrics of this song talk about Santa rowing up to your house in his red canoe, wearing red pants and a coconut hat (and nothing else, because, you know, it’s too hot in Hawaii for that fur coat stuff!) And what does Santa do after he delivers all those presents? He does the Hula for you!

Check out the version on the album, An Island Christmas, featuring Sistah Robi Kahakalua!

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The Merriest Hawaiian Christmas

This lighthearted Hawaiian Christmas classic was originally recorded and released in 1980 by the Hawaii Boys Choir, and then again in 2006 by the Brothers Caz. It’s such a fun song with great harmonies on the vocals, and an easy melody to learn. Those beautiful harmonies and easy chords make this one the perfect choice for your holiday ukulele club to learn and perform throughout the holiday season.

Numbah One Day of Christmas

Confession: one of my favorite Christmas songs is the 12 Days of Christmas as performed by the Muppets. It’s silly, it’s funny, it never fails to make me laugh. But after I took a listen to Numbah One Day of Christmas, I found my new favorite take on that classic! 

I discovered that this Hawaiian Christmas song was written and first recorded in 1959 by Eaton B. Magoon Jr., Edward Kenny, and Gordon N. Phelps at a festive Christmas celebration. The Honolulu Boy Choir and Ed Kenny re-recorded and released it again in 2003. I can’t think of a better song for a fun ukulele Hawaiian Christmas sing-along!

Nu ‘Oli

If you’re looking for some chill Hawaiian Christmas music, Nu ‘Oli should be on your holiday playlist. Nu ‘Oli translates roughly in English to “glad tidings”, and the smooth, mellow sounds of this song would be perfect for your favorite baritone ukulele. The fabulous harmonies make this an excellent choice for a group performance, too.

I’m Coming Home for Christmas

While we’re talking about nostalgic Hawaiian Christmas songs, make sure you check out I’m Coming Home for Christmas by Robi Kahakalau and Jeff Rasmussen. Lovely vocal harmonies and a gentle melody give this song a definite twist of longing to be home for the holidays. Definitely put this one on your playlist for your road trip home this holiday season!

O Holy Night by Willie K

Back in 1999, the late great Willie K recorded his version of the classic Christmas carol, O Holy Night. His incredible version of this much-loved Christmas carol includes his virtuosic ukulele playing, as well as his beautiful and unique vocals. He switches back and forth between English and Hawaiian throughout the song, transporting us to a beautiful moonlight beach on Christmas Eve. Even if you’re not in Hawaii, this is a great song to listen to for a mellow, relaxing holiday night with friends.

My Hawaiian Christmas

I absolutely adore the lovely lilting and mellow melodies in this Hawaiian Christmas song by Dennis Kamahaki. The melodies remind me of all my favorite traditional Hawaiian ukulele music, but with the images of spending a sweet holiday in paradise. If you love the original version like I do, make sure you check out the recording done by the Honolulu Boys Choir to hear some amazing harmonies and vocals!

So there you have it! While it’s always fun to pull out Mele Kalikimaka for the holidays, now you have a whole list of beautiful ukulele Hawaiian Christmas songs for your holiday gatherings and ukulele clubs this holiday season!

Do you have a favorite ukulele Hawaiian Christmas song that’s not on this list? We’d love to know about it! And while you’re at it, make sure you check out the great tutorial for playing Mele Kalikimaka by Terry on the Uke Like the Pros YouTube channel! Subscribe to get the latest updates on new products in the store, tutorials, classes, workshops, and gear!

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