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Ukulele Chord Mania “D Major” Chord EASY UKE TUTORIAL

by Terry

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Watch this LIVE ukulele tutorial for an in-depth knowledge on the “D Major chord”. This is one of the hardest open position ukulele chords. You know what! There are diverse ways of fingering it. But, in this tutorial, I am going to use the most bizarre way that I have adapted from the famous flamenco guitar players. You would surely love to finger it on your ukulele.

Guess! What’s more?

The lesson is not limited to just telling about the chord shape but we are also going to dive deep to understand what makes the “D Major chord”. I will explain all the notes that make up this chord and also complete music theory working behind this chord. I will also show you how you can enjoy playing the exact shape all over the fretboard by transposing this interesting chord.

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Ready to dominate the ukulele?

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