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Ukulele Case… Do you need one?

Several choices to choose from!

by Jennifer VanBenschoten
Ukulele Case

So now you’ve acquired your dream ukulele – but did you get an ukulele case to protect it? There are loads of reasons to invest in a good ukulele with case.  Chief among them is protecting your ukulele from getting scratched and dinged. Even if you hang your ukulele on a wall mount, you will eventually need a case to protect it during travel. Taking your ukulele on the road is one of life’s greatest joys, so make sure you have the right case!ukulele case

Do you need a soft case or a gig bag, or a hard shell case? There are different kinds of cases out there and they all have their own uses. You might even find that you get more than one case for your ukulele. 

No matter if you’ve paid $100 or more than $1,000 for your ukulele, having a proper case or gig bag for your ukulele is a wise investment to ensure years of ukulele joy!

Ukulele Case or Gig Bag… What To Choose?


Ukulele Gig Bag

A gig bag is a soft padded case for your ukulele. It doesn’t have hard sides or top and usually zippers shut. Gig bags usually have at least one pocket for your essentials like a tuner, capo, or extra strings. Some gig bags can be worn like a backpack to free up your hands for carrying other essentials. Some gig bags also come with detachable straps that can also provide you with a hands-free carrying option.

ukulele case

Gig bags provide some protection against dust and small bumps. Some gig bags are also waterproof and will protect your ukulele if you get stuck outside in the rain. A ukulele gig bag is a great way to carry your ukulele around town or around school for the day. 

Some ukuleles come with a padded gig bag as part of the price of your ukulele. However, if your ukulele doesn’t come with an included gig bag, it’s worth it to invest in this type of case to protect your investment. 

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Soft Shell Case

Somewhere between the gig bag and the hard shell case is a soft shell case for your ukulele. These types of cases combine the padding of the gig bag with a slightly firmer case. They’re usually covered with fabric, have at least one outer zippered pocket, and sometimes come with interior pockets for storing essentials like tuners, extra strings, capos, and humidifiers. 

Unlike a padded gig bag, a soft shell case sometimes includes straps to secure your ukulele in the case to reduce bumps. Some soft shell cases also have a molded interior that will snuggle your ukulele safely so that it doesn’t get jostled around as you travel with it. They’re usually plush on the inside to prevent scratches on your ukulele as well.

Soft shell cases don’t provide all the protection of a hard shell case, but they are definitely a step up from your padded gig bag. A soft shell case provides great protection for your instrument when you’re taking it to school for the day or going to your local ukulele jam. 

A soft shell case usually has a zipper closure and sometimes comes with a detachable carrying strap for hands-free transportation of your ukulele. These cases are a great option for your low-to-mid priced ukuleles to keep them safe and secure.

Hard Shell Case

If you’re ready to make a serious investment in your ukulele, you should invest in a good, solid hard shell case. These cases provide top-notch protection for your ukulele and are perfect for times when you’re traveling by plane and might have to store your ukulele in the overhead bins. 

A hard shell case is also the perfect option for protecting your solid wood ukulele if you need to use a humidifier. Solid wood ukuleles need to have their humidity levels carefully maintained to prevent damage to the wood. You can tuck a humidifier into your ukulele in a hard shell case and be confident that your instrument will be protected.

Hard shell cases offer the most protection for your instruments and can be found in a wide range of prices. A hard shell case has a molded interior that’s usually lined with something soft to prevent scratches, and your instrument should fit snugly in the interior. 

There are usually interior straps to secure your ukulele in a hard shell case, and at least one interior pocket for storing extra essentials. A good hard shell case usually latches closed and sometimes has locks that require a key for extra security. 

Most of the time, a hard shell ukulele case will just have one carrying handle, but there are some out there that you can wear like a backpack if you need to carry your ukulele hands-free.  

How to Choose the Right Ukulele Case?

When it comes to choosing the right case for your ukulele, size matters! Obviously you want to choose a case that fits the size of your ukulele, whether you’re looking for a soprano, concert, tenor, or baritone sized ukulele, or even for your guitarlele. 

Your ukulele should fit snugly in whatever case you choose, whether it’s a gig bag, soft shell case, or hard shell case. Your instrument shouldn’t slide around, and you shouldn’t have to force it into the case. The top should close securely and easily. 

Choosing the right case for your ukulele can be a challenge if you’re picking something out from a website, but the good news is that the experts at Terry Carter Music Store can help you pick the perfect case to protect your instrument and your investment! Whether you’re looking for something to transport your ukulele across town or across the world, we can help you find a ukulele case that fits your budget, your ukulele, and your personal style. 

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