Tune A Ukulele Tutorial

Hi friends! In this tutorial of the 4K Chord Mania series, I will explain how a Ukulele can be tuned using a Snark clip on tuner. You can get my exact tuner on – http://amzn.to/2DRixqV (affiliate link). You can tune the C – G – E – A on the soprano, concert, and tenor ukuleles. A baritone Ukulele is tuned differently using D-G-B-E, but the techniques I will demonstrate can be used for the tuning the baritone as well.
Here are some useful tips for tuning your Ukulele:
1. Firstly you should be able to identify the string names.
2. Get a tuner.
3. If the note is in tune, sharp, or flat, understand how to read the tuner.
4. Tune the note up using tuning pegs.
5. Ensure that you are tuning the correct note. For instance, I have a low G on my 4th string.
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