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The Top Ukulele Tuner Apps Out There

by Frances Lin
Ukulele Tuner Apps

Looking for Ukulele Tuner Apps? Although I make a point to carry ukulele tuners with me, I do have a few tuner applications on my phone in case I am in a bind. Some tuners will not fit in my gig bag or hard shell case if it is clipped on my headstock. Other times, I might be sharing tuners between ukuleles or other instruments. Regardless of your situation, I have broken down some of the top four tuner applications that you might want to check out and have on hand just in case you are in need of one. Find Out which are the Top Ukulele Tuner Apps Out There.

Top #1 Tuner Application

Most of these apps are free; however, there are many pop-up advertisements (which you can disable for a fee on some applications), or there are also opportunities that populate to entice you to upgrade the tuner app. Whatever you decide, you can take advantage of having a tuner app on your phone for those moments when you cannot find a tuner for your ukulele. I have broken down the top four tuner applications for you in this article.

Kala Ukulele Tuner App

I favored this ukulele app for several reasons, but the most compelling one is simply the interface. I just enjoy the presentation of the pitches more than the other apps. It really is a stylistic preference, but we all have them. You can find the Kala Tuner App here. I also found this application to have the least pop-up advertisements although that calmed down the more I used each of these applications. I found the Kala Tuner App to be user-friendly, and there was a lot less guesswork on how to work the application. Here is a breakdown of the features.


  • Pleasant Presentation of Pitches
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Fewer Pop-Up Advertisements
  • Upgrade Opportunities Including Instruction

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Top #2 and #3 Tuner Applications

In this section, you will find information about two of the top applications out there. One of them is the most known, and it does seem to be a top contender in most sites I have visited when researching. This was my number two. However, I would like to comment that everybody is different and may prefer different strengths of each of these applications. Read about the applications here, and decide what you think is the best fit for you as a unique musician.

Guitar Tuna Tuner

This appears to be the most popular tuner application out there, and I do see why. You can find the Guitar Tuna Tuner App here. I do enjoy the presentation of the pitches as well, but I was frustrated with pop-up advertisements that kept appearing when I was first trying to use it. After I used it for a bit, however, the pop-up advertisements diminished. Then, I could enjoy the application. It tunes your instrument well, but I found the Kala application more user-friendly in the beginning. Again, once I was used to the interface, it was easy to use. This is definitely a great application!


  • Accurate Tuning Even in Noisy Environments
  • Clear Indicator of Reaching Pitches
  • Tunes Multiple Instruments
  • Upgrade Opportunities
  • Metronome

Smiley Tuner

I enjoyed using this application as well. The Smiley Tuner application was a top contender, and you can find the Smiley Tuner App here. I did find myself gravitating towards the Kala and Guitar Tuna applications after using all of them for an extended period of time. Still, for free applications, all of these will do the trick.


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Tunes Multiple Instruments
  • Fewer Pop-Up Advertisements
  • Easy to Use from the Beginning with Less Functions

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Top #4 Tuner Application

This application may not be on your radar, but I found it useful as I searched for reputable tuner applications. If you are undecided after reading this article, you may want to download the applications and try them out. Then you can delete the ones that you find are not a good fit for you. Again, a lot of this is preferences. You may like a different presentation of the pitches than another ukulele player, and that is absolutely fine! Everybody will have their own idea of what is more helpful and user-friendly.

Pitched – Tuner

This is the final tuner application that I enjoyed using, and you can find the Pitched – Tuner App here. It has more features like Guitar Tuna, so it took a bit longer for me to get comfortable with it. Once I figured it out, though, I enjoyed using it. I definitely appreciated the metronome because it is cumbersome to carry a metronome around, and all of us ukulele players need one with us for sure! I like that you can disable advertisements; however, you do have to pay a fee for this which also gets you the full version of the application as well. A definite contender for sure!


  • Tunes Multiple Instruments
  • Metronome
  • Upgrade Opportunities
  • Ability to Disable Advertisements for a Fee


Regardless of your ukulele level, you can definitely utilize these applications if you find yourself in need of a tuner on the fly. Remember that Uke Like the Pros (ULTP) does have a variety of physical tuners at the Terry Carter Music Store if you need some good quality ukulele tuners. I have chosen to keep a physical tuner in every one of my gig bags or hardshell cases. I have quite a few ukuleles as well as a guitarlele,  so I invested in some good tuners from the beginning. Hopefully, though, this article helped you break down the top ukulele tuner applications out there in case you are looking for reinforcements for your instruments! Strum on and start downloading some of these Top Ukulele Tuner Apps!

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Peter April 9, 2023 - 10:55 pm

Aloha, it’s generally a good idea to use the rule “always tune up” so, if the string is flat, just bring it up to pitch and you’re good to go. But if the note is sharp, loosen the string to just below the desired pitch, and then “tune up” to the note. Just tuning down to a note may mean that the pitch will drop further on its own after you’ve tuned it. Tuning up to the note keeps regular tension on the string and helps keep the string in tune.


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