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The ukuleles landed into the NFT world

Forget about the bored apes, because the ukuleles arrived!

by Kevin Rossi

Bored apes? Pixelated faces? None of that, because now the Ukuleles landed into the Metaverse with the new NFT collection created by, the one and only, James Hill. Looking to learn more about James Hill’s new collaborative album Uke Heads? Wondering how you can be a part of it? Curious to know what the world’s first ukulele NFT is all about? Let’s go!

Ukulele legend, James Hill, is recording a new album, and if you’ve got a uke, he wants you to join him! Over the next 10-12 months, James will be recording the songs for the album, and each time he records a song, he will host a workshop teaching anyone in possession of a “Uke Head” the parts of the song so they can record themselves singing and/or playing and be featured on the album!

So what is a Uke Head, and how do you get one? In one sense, a Uke Head is a piece of art, in another, it’s a ticket. There are 1879 unique Uke Heads available for purchase, costing $187.90 per image (the number 1879 is significant in the ukulele world, marking the arrival of the instrument on the Hawaiian Islands) on the album’s website.

And… Quick note by Mari: Terry Carter owns the very first one! 

$187.90 may seem steep for a digital image, but the image isn’t just an image, it’s an NFT. Those of you who are unfamiliar with NFTs (like I was before I looked into Uke Heads) are what is called a “Non-Fungible Token”. For those of you who are still confused, welcome to the club! In layperson terms, it’s a digital certificate of authenticity that proves ownership. The holder of an NFT has full rights to use it however they like, promotionally, personally, etc. they can even resell it. For example, if the album wins an award or becomes famous, the value of your Uke Head could rise.

But that’s not all. A Uke Head is also a ticket that grants you access to James Hill’s Uke Heads community. Being a part of the community means having access to the monthly workshops – where you can learn, play and record parts of the songs and be featured on the album. It gives you discounts on future album merch, and opportunities to be a part of future recording projects beyond the album. And the best part, it’s for life! Provided you don’t sell your NFT, of course…

If you are interested in buying a Uke Head, you do need a crypto wallet in order to obtain the NFT; however, here is the good news; if you just want the other perks and don’t want to be bothered with the NFT, you have the option of just buying the image and receiving it via email. This will still give you a 4K quality version of your Uke Head, and the rights to print it, use it for marketing, or whatever you choose. And the even better news? If you decide later that you do want the NFT – it’s still yours! They’ll hold it for you indefinitely.

So if collaborating with James Hill on an album sounds awesome to you (it sure sounds awesome to me!), but you aren’t sure about NFTs or crypto wallets, don’t let that stop you from being a part of ukulele history!

And even if you aren’t able to obtain a Uke Head, the album of the same name is something to look forward to, and is a super exciting development within the ukulele community worth celebrating!

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