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The UkeLikeThePros UKE-CON Summer Festival is here!

You can't miss this opportunity!

by Marialejandra Araujo

Summer is around the corner, a great time to hang around, go camping, grill out, make ice pops and, of course, play, listen to and learn more about ukuleles. Summer is all about sunny days and fun, and we wanted to bring that to UkeLikeThePros UKE-CON Summer Festival in San Diego.

That’s right, August 27th is a special date. We will be enjoying the best of the best that comes from the ukulele world. From top ukulele artists’ performances to workshops, special prizes, and more. The fun will be guaranteed at the UkeLikeThePros UKE-CON Summer Festival.

Who is this concert for? For you who love the music in general, but feel a special connection to string instruments like the ukulele. It is also a great chance for musicians and ukulele players. Indeed, it is a great chance to:

  • Enjoy great music 
  • Learn more about ukuleles 
  • Spend a good day with friends and like-minded people

The UkeLikeThePros UKE-CON Summer Festival is packed with many perks to ensure you have a great time with us. Take a look!

Meet the UkeLikeThePros UKE-CON Summer Festival’s performers

From 12:00 p.m. to 08:00 p.m, you will be listening to top ukulele performers, participating in several activities, and having some fun while on it. 

The whole schedule is yet to be released. But we already have a list of some great performers who will be sharing what they excel at: playing ukes. Among these artists are:

      • Daniel Ho
        A 6 times Grammy winner, most of them because of his unique way to play Hawaiian music.
      • Aldrine Guerrero
        An international well-known ukulele performer who has spent lots of time gearing the next generation of uke players.
      • Kris Fuchigami
        A young promise to the ukulele world who has already performed with great musicians such as Jake Shimabukuro, Mark Yamanaka, Yoza, Daniel Ho, Brittni Paiva, and many more!
      • Andrew Molina
        Has been recognized for music excellence by the Hawai`i Academy of Recording Arts (HARA). His music is categorized a mix of Hawaiian, pop, rock, Latin and a little bit of jazz.
      • Bernadette Plazola
        She is a great example of how to be a successful mom while doing what she likes most. Youtube and TikTok users always enjoy her teachings at @Plazi.
      • Anthony Stanley & Keahi & Hawaiian Dancers
        Partnering with Keahi Rozet, Anthony plays acoustic music around the world. He is the Music Director for Heali’i’s and collaborates with the San Diego Symphony and Los Angeles Philharmonic.
      • Dani Usero
        Being born in Barcelona, he seasons his ukulele songs with his Spaniard heritage and the passion that characterizes him. He comes from the Núria Garriga School of Music.
      • Victoria Kolasinski
        She is pretty famous on TikTok for the small performances she shares and all the tutorials she teaches on her account @jiggywithviggy.
      • Timmy Cruz
        He is a uke shredder and a boutique ukulele hunter. That tells how passionate he feels about ukuleles. 
      • Terry Carter
        The very creator of the #1 ukulele site and store for ukuleles. He loves music so much that he is a devoted teacher helping people with guitars, guitarleles, and ukeleles.
      • Surprise Guests
        We love surprises, and we hope you love them too! A fun concert wouldn’t be like it without surprises, right? Well, that’s why we got some surprise guests just for you.

      Now, apart from loving ukuleles, what do all these performers have in common? They are all striving to share what they know about music and ukuleles, and you will have a great chance to hang out with them, talk to them, and learn from them! How about having a special dinner and drinking with them to your heart’s content?

    • How can you enjoy this concert?

      As you can expect, the main dish will be ukulele players doing wonders on the stage. But we will also have:

      • Food Trucks
      • Beer/Wine Truck
      • Workshops
      • Photos
      • Raffles
      • Giveaways
      • Games
      • Special Prizes

      No doubt this is a great chance to network with other ukulele players, visit Ukulele brands booths or interact with in-house luthiers for instrument setups.

      You will need a ticket to access all the fun though. You can either attend in person or virtually. There are 7 different options to choose from!

        • Well then, what about that dinner mentioned before? Everyone buying a diamond ticket will get access to a Friday night dinner will all artists. And that won’t be the only chance you will have to hang with them as there is also a Sunday breakfast and a special lunch with them.
        • Read more: What Does a Pickup Do for a Ukulele?

        •  Additionally, this ticket comes with additional perks:
          • A chance to win either a Koaloha KTM-00 or a Kanile’a K1-T ukulele. There will be a raffle to see which one of these you will get, but you are guaranteed one of those.
          • Front row seating for the concert and workshops.
          • Meet, greet, jam, and take photos with the artists.
          • ULTP diamond gift package
          • Special diamond raffle

          In other words, the diamond ticket is the way to get the most from this event. However, as we said, there are other 6 available options!

          As you can see, we are very excited about this event. Are you? Come on in then, and enjoy the great stuff we have ready for you!

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