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The new Kala Ukulele Collection is here (WOW!)

Are you ready to fall in love?

by Terry

New Kala Ukulele Collection for 2022: New ukuleles from KALA are always worth celebrating and for 2022 they are introducing new models featuring a range of exciting woods and unique designs. As one of the most recognizable names in the business (and Terry’s partner as the manufacturer of the exclusive Uke Like the Pros collection of instruments), KALA is a trusted brand that proves once again they know how to bring beauty, artistry, and fun to the market.


Satin Hawaiian Koa

The Satin Hawaiian Koa Collection features a highly anticipated addition to their Exotic Wood catalog.  Available in Concert, Tenor, and Baritone sizes, these models showcase much sought-after Koa, the most traditional of Hawaiian ukulele woods. Players appreciate that each instrument has a distinct look because of Koa’s great variety and individuality in its grain. This collection features a lustrous satin finish that lets the tone of the instruments shine through.

The KALA Exotic Wood collection is made with the highest quality laminates with Rosewood headstock and design touches, including black binding and a black rosette. Kala brings the beauty of Koa to players for a fraction of the cost of solid wood instruments. EQ models are available in both Concert & Tenor sizes.

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ULTP is the biggest online seller of baritone ukuleles. We are particularly excited by THREE new KALA offerings in this popular size.

Teak Baritone

First, a new Teak Baritone is being added to the Teak Ukulele collection (which includes existing Soprano, Concert & Tenor models). The top, back, and sides are made from solid teak, a tropical hardwood that has a very soft brown color with tight, straight grain patterns and striping. Water-resistant and durable, it makes for a perfect travel and gigging instrument for any musician headed to remote performances or adventuring into the outdoors. An EQ model with an onboard tuner is also available.

Bamboo Baritone

A new Bamboo Baritone model will soon be added to Kala’s Bamboo range. It represents the most eco-friendly material choice for a ukulele. Highly renewable, Bamboo regenerates quickly without being replanted. Its vertical grain and light color make these instruments visually pop with an elegant, natural appeal. Bamboo is a unique body material, categorically not wood, that has remarkable durability while providing a bright tone with great volume, harmonics, and sustain.

Solid Spruce Top Mahogany

The Solid Spruce Top Mahogany Travel Baritone will appeal to musicians who want a mobile instrument that can deliver huge sound. This model features an ultra-thin design for easy-carry portability and lightweight performance. Its mahogany sides and vaulted back are designed for increased projection with mahogany’s resonance for deeper tones while its Solid Spruce Top provides a pleasant brightness and powerful sound. It is built to go anywhere while providing a full tonal range. Each ukulele comes with a custom Thinline Kala gig bag.

Cigar Box Ukuleles

For players looking for prestigious solid wood instruments, Kala announced new additions to their Metropolitan line which are handcrafted in Java.

Solid Trembesi

The All Solid Trembesi line includes Soprano, Tenor, and Baritone models. Trembesi is a wood native to the tropics of Java with beautiful, natural figuring and a relatively high density. This makes it an ideal selection for players looking to combine striking visual appearance with desirable overall dynamics and sustain. The Baritone model is unique within this collection with a cutaway and a solid cedar top.

Solid Curly Mango

All Solid Curly Mango ukuleles are available in both Concert and Tenor (with cutaway) sizes. Loved by players for its striking curly figuring of blonde and caramel streaks, Mango has become a popular contemporary tonewood which strikes the perfect balance between cosmetic beauty and warm, clear tone. Terry has often remarked that Mango is one of his favorite tonewoods because of its sweet and mellow character. These instruments feature solid Mango top, back and sides, black binding with unmistakable attention to detail that only hand-crafted instruments can exemplify.

Acoustic-Electric U•BASS

A new Acoustic-Electric U•BASS inspired by the Signature Artist Bakithi Kumalo joins the Kala U•BASS® family.  Kala & Bakithi set out to create the perfect introduction to the U•BASS for new and experienced players. Pairing a natural mahogany build with the Kala Round Wound U•BASS Strings for a clear and confident tone, this Signature Artist instrument includes Bakithi’s personal touches include his signature black pickguard and custom Zulu shield headstock artwork, hand-drawn by Bakithi’s own album cover artist, Gus Liberdade. Each instrument includes a Custom Gig-bag and access to free online companion lessons and bass line breakdowns specifically for the U•BASS.

Scout U•BASS

The new Scout U•BASS is an affordable model featuring Mahogany back and sides, cream binding, and a satin finish. Its cutaway design allows players greater access to high-neck voicings. Its sound is both responsive and punchy enhanced by its Active EQ, making for the thunderous low end that will not be lost in the mix.

Finally, a grab bag of unique and unusual designs is also featured among Kala’s 2022 instruments. These include the Signature Artist Mandy Harvey Concert Ukulele 2, A Banjo Ukulele, Solid Body Electrics, a Cigar Box Concerts with Victorian or Art Deco designs, and many brightly colored Concert and Soprano models added to their affordable Candy, Sparkles, and Sea Glass Collections.

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