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Home Songs The Most Important Strum Pattern Ukulele – The Grandaddy

The Most Important Strum Pattern Ukulele – The Grandaddy

by Terry
Welcome back to Chord Mania!!! I will now teach you how to play the Grandaddy Strum Pattern which is one of the most important strum patterns in the Ukulele in this video. Identifying the strum pattern used in specific songs can be quite difficult for a ukulele player and musician. Many of my students tell me that they are not able to identify which strum patterns have been used in various songs. This is because of the variations in the strum patterns used for composing different songs. While the simplest of songs use the eight notes, complex ones may be composed using the sixteenth note strum patterns.
But the Grandaddy strum pattern is one that makes it easy for you to play almost any song of your choice. I have concluded this from my experience of listening, transcribing and playing numerous songs on the ukulele. This strum pattern is a little tricky to get a grasp of because it uses up and down strokes with quarter notes, eighth notes and a tie. But once, you master it, you will be playing any song you like very easily!

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