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The Best Ukuleles Under $200

A collection where each ukulele sings its own unique story!

by Terry
The Best Ukuleles Under $200

Are you ready to embark on a musical journey that won’t break the bank? If you’re looking for that perfect blend of affordability and quality in the world of ukuleles, you’ve just struck a chord with us. Whether you’re a beginner dreaming of your first serenade under the stars, or a seasoned player looking to add a new member to your uke family, we’ve got you covered.

Dive in with us as we explore which are the best ukuleles under $200 – a collection where each ukulele sings its own unique story, all while keeping your wallet happily humming. Tune in, turn up your imagination, and let’s discover together the ukuleles that promise to make every penny count and every moment musical.

Let’s start this list with what we think it’s the best ukulele option:

Kala Uke Like The Pros SSMHG

Our first standout is the Kala Uke Like The Pros SSMHG. This model boasts a solid spruce top, a significant step-up from all-laminate ukuleles. The solid top makes a noticeable difference in sound, offering a warmer, more organic tone.  This SSMG model comes in 3 sizes: Concert, Tenor, and yes.. even Baritone size!

This Kala Ike Like The Pros model impresses with its mid-hundreds price point. Inspired by the Gibson SJ 200, it features a sunburst pattern, mahogany sides and back, gloss finish, vintage-style tuners, and an ebony fretboard and bridge. The baritone version mirrors these features but with baritone tuning and a larger size.

Ohana TT PK 25 G

For something fun and unique, check out the Ohana TT PK 25 G, a sopranissimo ukulele.

Its tiny size might deceive you into thinking it’s a toy, but it’s a fully-functional, all-solid wood instrument. Made from all solid mahogany and sporting a gloss finish, it’s perfect for travel due to its small size and high-pitched, cheerful sound.

Islander MC 4 ISL

The Islander MC 4 ISL is a concert size ukulele that stands out with its Hawaiian islands engraving.

It’s part of the Kanilea imported brand, known for over 25 years of quality instrument-making. This model also offers variations with turtle engravings:

With bridge pins reminiscent of the made-in-Hawaii Kanilea’s, this uke has a grown-up, sophisticated look.

Kala KA-TE

Next up is the Kala KA-TE, a staple in the Kala brand. Available in several variations, including models with a pickup, tuner, EQ, and gloss finish, it represents incredible value.

The inclusion of a pickup and tuner at this price point is quite rare, making it an excellent choice for players looking for built-in electronics.

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Nova Ukulele

The Nova Ukulele is a concert size ukulele that also comes in soprano and tenor sizes.

Its popularity stems from its carbon fiber composition, making it durable and lightweight. It features a thin body, built-in AcousticPlus pickups, and effects like delay and reverb. Available in red, black, white, pink, and blue, it’s an excellent choice for players in extreme climates due to its resistance to temperature and humidity fluctuations.

Cordoba 15 CM

Lastly, the Cordoba 15 CM is a unique option featuring a Matisse blue solid spruce top.

Also available in red and turquoise, it combines mahogany sides and back with a maple neck. This combination is rare in ukuleles, making it a visually striking choice with a light neck that enhances the vibrant blue color.

All these ukuleles come in under $200, making them perfect gifts or upgrades for your musical journey. You can find them at

And there you have it, ukulele enthusiasts! Our roundup of the best ukuleles under $200 is sure to have something that strums the right chord with you. Remember, a great ukulele doesn’t have to empty your wallet to fill your world with music.

Before we sign off, just a little strum of advice: No matter which ukulele you pick, it’s your passion and practice that will truly make the music come alive. So, grab your pick (or just your fingers!), tune up, and let your musical journey take a delightful leap with one of these fantastic ukes.

Keep spreading the ukulele love, and until next time, keep your tunes sunny and your ukulele in tune. Happy Uke-ing! ✨

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