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The Best Stands and Holders for the Ukulele

What are the top options for storing or displaying your ukuleles?

by Kevin Rossi
chuck the ukulele

Looking for the best stands and holders for your ukulele(s)? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with this list of top options on the market to store or display your ukuleles (come on, we all know it’s plural!).

If you are anything like me – and judging by the fact that you are on this site, chances are good that you are – you currently find yourself surrounded by ukuleles. Some are leaning on walls, or sitting on shelves, some are resting in branded gig bags or nice hard shell cases, or on soft pillows and couch cushions around the house. Heck, one might even be hanging precariously on an old oversized guitar stand… but I digress, this isn’t a tour of my house! 

If this does sound like you (or a future you), then I’m sure you also appreciate the importance of a good stand, or a nice wall mount or two… or twelve! These things are indispensable when it comes to keeping your ukes organized and accessible. When I’m recording music for my YouTube channel, I usually end up with 4-5 ukuleles (various sizes, tuning, etc) on the floor around me. Tripping hazard aside, it isn’t a very safe place for the ukes to be, but putting them in and out of their cases when I’m in the flow state recording is a no go as well. That’s why I recently invested in a few stands of my own, and why I am here today to show you some of the best options on the market so you too can stop playing where’s that ukulele? and start enjoying some order! 

So let’s take a look!

Kala Mahogany Uke Stand 

Let’s start with something nice and simple – the Kala Mahogany Ukulele Stand! This one is about as straightforward as it gets. The perfect stand for someone who is picking up/putting down their ukes continually (raises hand), this little guy is made up of two pieces of wood that slide together to form a low lying stand. There are padded strips on the sections of wood where your uke makes contact, giving you a nice and sturdy place to set down your uke that is also quite fashionable. 

I mean look at it! It kinda looks like modern art…

Ohana US-30 BL Lightweight A-Frame

Ok, so same concept as the last one here. Made of light-weight aluminum in various colors, folding portability, adjustable rubber foot stops that retracts/extends for use with ukulele, banjolele, mandolin, guitar or bass.

This is a great little stand that adjusts to fit different sized ukes. Super lightweight yet sturdy construction holds your ukulele securely. Sits on rubber to protect the finish. Folds up for easy transport.  

Hercules Travlite Compact Uke Stand

Ok, so same concept as the last one here. The Hercules Travlite is another great option for ease of use.

This one might not be as artsy, but for my money, it offers a little more piece of mind. It doesn’t come apart as neatly as the Kala stand, but it does fold down nicely for transport!

Kala Wall Hook 

Ok, so what if you don’t play some of your ukes that often, and ground space is at a premium? Maybe you just want to have a way to display your collection for others to admire and be envious of when they stop by to see your cat or return your casserole dish or whatever reason they have for visiting! 

The Kala Wall Hook Hanger is the most affordable brand option out there, and it’s pretty straight forward. With it, you receive a wooden wall mount and a holder that is covered in a grippy soft material. 

These come in two sizes, ukulele and U-Bass (Kala’s ukulele bass brand), and can hold up to 15lbs! 

Just remember if you want to go this route, make sure you are securing them to the wall properly, and that you are either hitting a stud, or that your wall type can handle that weight too!

Hercules Wall Hanger 

Ok, here I go again with the auto lock! But seriously, why wouldn’t you want that extra piece of mind? The Hercules Wall Hanger gives you that extra protection with their auto locking system, which is activated by weight/pressure. 

This one generally has a wood mount like the Kala, but Hercules also offers a metal mount model, as well as a clamp model that can be attached to mic stands (a huge bonus if you are a performer!). 

Uke Like the Pros K Stands

If you are looking for something a little more fancy, the K stands from Uke Like the Pros are the way to go. Thes stands are a little more pricey, but that’s because each one is hand made! Wow. 

My favorite part about these stands is that they fold flat, and come with a small bag so that you can pack them inside your ukulele case with your instrument without risking damage to your uke. Now that is convenient! 

So there you have it! I hope this helps you get at least one step closer to a more organized and well-functioning ukulele storage/display system. In the meantime, I’m going to go look for my guitarlele, which was last seen moonlighting as a bookend somewhere downstairs…

For more lessons on chords, techniques, and songs to help you along on your own uke journey, make sure to check out our site We offer you a bunch of great ukulele content that comes hand-in-hand with an awesome ukulele community that will support you in this journey.

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