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The Best Christmas Ukulele Books

The perfect time to play with your loved ones is here!

by Terry
The Best Christmas Ukulele Books

As ukulele players and enthusiasts, there’s a certain magic in strumming to the tune of Christmas carols. If you’ve been on the lookout for the best Christmas ukulele books, your search ends here. We’ve got a fantastic collection, and we’re excited to share it with you, along with some bonus picks.

So, let’s dive in!

The Christmas Ukulele Fake Book

Starting strong, we have the “Christmas Ukulele Fake Book“. This is an impressive compilation of over 250 holiday songs tailored for the ukulele. What sets this book apart is its comprehensive approach. It includes ukulele chord charts, lyrics, and melodies for each song. Despite its extensive content, the book is compact and travel-friendly, making it a perfect companion for your holiday gatherings.

Three Chord Christmas Carols for Ukulele

For beginners or those playing in a group, “Three Chord Christmas Carols for Ukulele” is an ideal choice. It simplifies traditional Christmas carols into three chords, making them accessible for players of all skill levels. Teachers often favor this book for its ease of use and large print, which is helpful for group learning sessions.

First 50 Christmas Songs You Should Play on the Ukulele

Expanding your holiday repertoire is easy with “First 50 Christmas Songs You Should Play on the Ukulele“. This book is specifically designed for ukulele players, providing chord diagrams and arranging melodies in a ukulele-friendly range. The arrangements are simple yet effective, ensuring that even beginners can create beautiful music.

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100 Christmas Carols for Ukulele

Taking a step up, “100 Christmas Carols for Ukulele” offers a more extensive collection. This book includes both older and newer traditional carols, presented in a clear and easy-to-read format. The larger book size accommodates big print and chord diagrams, making it a practical choice for players who prefer more space and less clutter on their music sheets.

Ultimate Chord Songbook: Christmas Songs & Carols

The “Ultimate Chord Songbook” series presents two compact and portable books: “Christmas Songs” and “Christmas Carols“. These are excellent for players who need a quick reference, providing lyrics and chord diagrams without the melody or notation. It’s perfect for those familiar with the songs and need a handy guide to the chords.

The Daily Ukulele & Leap Year Edition

The Daily Ukulele” and its “Leap Year Edition” are not exclusively Christmas books but are essential for any ukulele player. Each book contains 365 songs, including a section dedicated to holiday tunes. They cover a wide range of songs with chord diagrams, melodies, and notations. There’s also a baritone edition for baritone ukulele players.

Ultimate Ukulele Fake Book

For an expansive collection, the “Ultimate Ukulele Fake Book” is a standout. Boasting over 400 songs, including many Christmas and holiday tunes, it’s a hefty volume that’s worth its weight. This book is comprehensive, providing chord diagrams, melodies, and notation for each song.

Specialty Picks: Beatles and Disney Hits

Diversifying your collection, “The Little Black Book of Beatles Songs” and “23 Songs to Strum and Sing Disney Hits” are excellent picks. While not holiday-specific, these books are filled with timeless classics from the Beatles and beloved Disney tunes, both presented in simple formats with chord diagrams and lyrics.

For Fingerstyle Players: 100 Most Beautiful Songs Ever for Fingerstyle Ukulele

If fingerpicking is more your style, “100 Most Beautiful Songs Ever for Fingerstyle Ukulele” is a must-have. It offers a collection of beautiful songs with detailed fingerstyle patterns, perfect for those looking to explore this technique.

The Crown Jewel: The Ultimate Christmas Fake Book

Finally, the crown jewel of our collection, “The Ultimate Christmas Fake Book“, is perfect for more advanced players. This versatile book is suitable for various instruments, not just the ukulele, and features lead sheets with melodies and chords without chord diagrams. Its high-quality arrangements and sophisticated chord progressions make it a valuable resource for recording and performing.

As we wrap up our musical journey through the best Christmas ukulele books, we hope you’ve found your perfect pick to bring joy and melody to your holiday season. Whether you’re a beginner strumming your first carol, a teacher seeking simple arrangements for students, or an advanced player looking for sophisticated chords, there’s something in these pages for every ukulele enthusiast.

Remember, the spirit of Christmas isn’t just in the songs we play, but in the moments we share while playing them. So, grab your ukulele, gather your loved ones, and fill your home with the heartwarming sounds of Christmas. May your holidays be merry, your chords be sweet, and your ukulele always in tune!

Happy Holidays and Happy Strumming!

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