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The Best 10 Ukuleles for Christmas

Find the perfect gift for your budget 

by Kevin Rossi
How to Hold the Ukulele

Still looking for a few last minute gifts? If so, we’ve got you covered with our list of the best 10 ukuleles for Christmas! It’s ok, we’ve all been there! If you are looking to give a friend or loved one the gift of music this holiday season, but have hesitated because you aren’t sure how to pick the right ukulele, you’ve come to the right place! 

We’ve put together this collection of the top 10 ukuleles from our Ukulele Christmas List, with the goal of including options that fit any budget!

Oh, and if you are worried about getting your uke in time for the big day, check out our helpful Christmas Shipping Cutoff page to make sure you are in the clear! 

1 – Kala JT-SLNG Longneck Soprano – $79

The JT series is a great collection of ukuleles designed specifically for Uke Like the Pros by Kala. The JT is available in a variety of sizes, but let’s start with the longneck soprano, which comes in at $79. 

Soprano is the smallest standard size of ukulele, and is a great fit for younger players, and those with smaller fingers, but the term longneck soprano means that it has the body of a soprano, with the neck of a concert ukulele (the next size up). Concert ukuleles are probably the most standard size of ukes across the board, so this one is a great option for just about anyone, and a stylish one too! Also, for a few extra dollars, you can make this one a starter kit, which comes with a bag, chord chart, string winder and more!

And if your friend/loved one has bigger hands…

2 – Kala JT-T-CE Tenor with pickup – $99

I give you the JT-T-CE, a larger model from the same JT series for those with larger hands/fingers. 

The tenor ukulele is the second largest member of the ukulele family, making it bigger than both the soprano uke and concert uke. But it’s not just for those with larger hands! This member of the JT family comes with a stylish cutaway allowing for easier playing higher on the neck, and is electric, so it can be plugged into an amp, making it great for those who like to put on a performance for an audience!

3 – Kala SSMHG Baritone – $179

So if soprano is the smallest uke size, followed by concert and then tenor, what’s the biggest size? I’m glad you asked! The Baritone!

Another Uke Like the Pros exclusive from Kala, the SSMHG also comes in a variety of sizes, but we picked the baritone because it’s a great price point for a uke of this size and it rounds out the list nicely.

Baritone ukuleles are tuned a little differently than the other three sizes, and are actually more similar to a guitar in their tuning. This makes them a great option for anyone who already plays guitar, or who might have interest in moving to guitar someday!

On this model, that connection with guitar is enhanced by the sunburst design, which is very common on guitars but rarely found on ukuleles. And, like many of the Uke like the Pros exclusives, this one comes with a free gigbag to help protect it and transport it safely!

4 – Ohana PK-10 Pineapple Soprano – $75

Moving back to our smallest size, the soprano, we give you the Ohana PK-10!

This pineapple uke is another great option for beginners. It comes with a gigbag, strap, tuner, and chord chart – everything you need to get started! And hey, who doesn’t love a pineapple-shaped ukulele? Those are some great island vibes right there!

5 – Cordoba UP100 Concert  – $99

Another great starter pack option, the UP100 concert comes with a gigbag, tuner, chord chart, and more!

If you liked the sound of the last option, but you are worried Soprano may be a bit too small for your friend or loved one, this is the option for you!

6 – Cordoba Disney BIA Soprano – $59

Our last beginner entry for the list, the BIA soprano from Cordoba and Disney is designed to look like the ukulele used by the lead character in the Argentinian show BIA on Disney Channel Latin America. 

Don’t know the show? No problem! This uke still offers a great and affordable option for beginners with a unique and colorful design kids are sure to love!

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7 – Cordoba 24C Concert – $199

Alright, with this one we are stepping it up a bit. The Cordoba 24C Concert has a solid top, putting it a step above the rest of the ukes on this list so far.

Solid top, you say? What does that mean? Well, it means that the top plate on the ukulele body (the part with the sound hole) is made from a single piece of solid wood, as opposed to a laminate wood. This is the primary reason for the price increase, as ukuleles made with solid wood are generally higher quality and have a nicer sound with better sustain. 

In this case, just the top is solid wood, while the back and sides are still laminate, making this a great entry point into the intermediate range of ukuleles. If you are looking for a gift for someone who already plays some instruments, or already has a beginner uke and could use something a bit nicer, this is a great option! 

8 – Cordoba 20BM Baritone – $219

If you read our earlier baritone entry and thought that sounded like a good fit, but wanted something a bit nicer, here is the Cordoba 20BM! 

Just like our last entry, this one takes things up a notch with a solid mahogany top, giving you a higher quality baritone uke with better sound.

9 – Lanikai QM – BLCEC Concert – $359

Ok, we’re going to branch out with this one a bit! If you are really looking to make a splash this year, the QM – BLCEC is the option for you!

Just look at it. The cool texture on this uke comes from the wood – quilted maple – and how cool is that blue?! This one is an all laminate uke, but the price increase comes from the Fishman pickup (it can be plugged into an amp). Fishman is a leading brand in pickups and amps, and so this is a great option for someone who likes to perform live. If you’ve got someone in your life who likes to play and sing, or wants to perform for an audience, this is the uke for you (or rather them!).

10 – Cordoba EB-E Mini II Bass

Looking to go really outside the box? Or maybe you’ve got a bass player in your life? Well, the Cordoba EB-E is a great option for you then! 

Wait, but the EB-E isn’t a ukulele, why is it on this list? Well, the EB-E is what’s known as a ukulele bass. What does that mean? It means it’s tuned like a bass guitar, and has thick metal strings like a bass guitar, but it’s the size of a ukulele! 

These instruments are becoming more and more popular these days. They are a great option for bass players, as they offer a nice travel sized option for them, and also great for uke players, as it gives them a gateway into a new instrument, and a great option for uke jam sessions. So if you are shopping for a uke player who you thought had it all, this is the option for you!

So there you have it! Our top 10 ukuleles for christmas.

For more lessons on chords, techniques, and songs to help you along on your own uke journey, make sure to check out our site We offer you a bunch of great ukulele content that comes hand-in-hand with an awesome ukulele community that will support you in this journey.

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