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Home Wonderful Tonight Ukulele Chords by Eric Clapton

Wonderful Tonight Ukulele Chords by Eric Clapton

by Per Kjeller
Wonderful Tonight Ukulele Chords by Eric Clapton

Wonderful Tonight Ukulele Chords by Eric Clapton. The chords used in this song are G, D/F#, C, D, and Em. Change the key of the song for FREE if needed.

“Wonderful Tonight” is one of Eric Clapton’s most cherished ballads, beautifully capturing the essence of romantic admiration and heartfelt appreciation. Released in 1977 on his album “Slowhand,” this soft rock ballad is a testament to Clapton’s genius as both a songwriter and a guitarist. The song was inspired by Pattie Boyd, Clapton’s then-wife, and recounts an evening when she was getting dressed for a party. The emotive lyrics convey a profound sense of love and awe for the subject, portraying everyday moments as deeply touching instances.

Musically, “Wonderful Tonight” is characterized by its gentle melodies, soulful guitar solos, and Clapton’s tender vocal delivery, placing it firmly in the soft rock ballad category. Its universal appeal has ensured its longevity as a romantic classic, played at countless weddings and special occasions around the world. Over the years, the song has firmly solidified its place as one of Clapton’s most timeless and evocative tracks.

Wonderful Tonight Ukulele Chords by Eric Clapton

GIt’s late in the D/F#eveningCShe’s wondering what Dclothes to wearGShe puts on her D/F#make-upCAnd brushes her Dlong blonde hair
CAnd then she Dasks me, “GDo I D/F#look alriEminght?”And I say, “CYes, you look Dwonderful toGnight”
GWe go to a D/F#partyCAnd everyone Dturns to seeGThis beautiful D/F#ladyCThat’s walking around with me
CAnd then she Dasks me, “GDo you D/F#feel alEminright?”And I say, “CYes, I feel Dwonderful toGnight”
I feel CwonderfulBecDause I see the Glove light D/F#in your EmineyesAnd the Cwonder of it DallIs that you Cjust don’t reaDlize how much I Glove you
GIt’s time to go D/F#home nowCAnd I’ve got an Daching headGSo I give her the D/F#car keysCAnd she Dhelps me to bed
CAnd then I Dtell her, Gas I D/F#turn out the EminlightI say, “My Cdarling, you are Dwonderful toGnight” D/F#              Emin Oh my Cdarling, you are Dwonderful toGnight.
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