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Wildflowers by Tom Petty – Ukulele Chords

by Per Kjeller
Wildflowers Ukulele Chords - Tom Petty

Wildflowers Ukulele Chords – Tom Petty. The chords used in this song are Bb, F, C, F/A, Dmin, and G/B. Change the key of the song for Free, as needed.

Wildflowers Ukulele Chords – Tom Petty


BbYou beFlong aCmong the wildFflowersBbYou beFlong in a Cboat out at FseaBbSail aFway Ckill off the FhoursBbYou beFlong someCwhere you feel Ffree
BbRun aFway Cfind you a FloverBbGo aFway someCwhere all bright and newBbI have Fseen Cno FotherBbWho comFparesC with Fyou
BbYou beFlong aCmong the wildFflowersBbYou beFlong in a Cboat out at seaBbYou belFong with your Clove on your FarmBbYou beFlong somewhere Cyou feel Ffree
Bb        F/A          Dmin              G/B          C   
Bb         Dmin7               C         x2  
BbRun aF/Away  C/Ggo find a FloverBbRun aF/Away let your C/Gheart be your FguideBbYou deF/Aserve C/Gdeepest of FcoverBbYou beF/Along in that C/Ghome by and Fby
BbYou beFlong aCmong the wildFflowersBbYou beFlong someCwhere close to FmeBbFar aFway from your Ctrouble and FworryBbYou beFlong someCwhere you feel FfreeBbYou beFlong someCwhere you feel Ffree

Wildflowers – History

“Wildflowers” by Tom Petty is a song that effortlessly captures the spirit of freedom and personal growth. Released in 1994 as the title track of Petty’s second solo album, “Wildflowers,” this song stands out as one of his most heartfelt and introspective works. With its gentle acoustic arrangement and reflective lyrics, “Wildflowers” invites listeners into a world of self-discovery and liberation, themes that resonate deeply with many.

An interesting tidbit about “Wildflowers” is the creative environment that birthed it. The album was produced by Rick Rubin, a renowned producer known for his work across various music genres. Rubin’s minimalist production approach allowed Petty’s songwriting and musicianship to shine, creating a raw and authentic sound that fans and critics alike adored. Petty himself has described the song as embodying a sense of freedom, something he was striving for in his life and career at the time.

“Wildflowers” holds a special place in the hearts of Tom Petty fans. Its message of breaking free and finding one’s place in the world is both empowering and comforting. Petty’s delivery of the line “You belong somewhere you feel free” serves as a reminder to pursue personal happiness and fulfillment, making the song an anthem for those seeking solace and inspiration.

Over the years, “Wildflowers” has grown in stature, with many considering it one of Petty’s finest compositions. Its enduring appeal lies in its simplicity and emotional depth, showcasing Petty’s genius as a songwriter and storyteller. Whether you’re hearing it for the first time or rediscovering it, “Wildflowers” feels like a warm embrace, encouraging listeners to find their own path and cherish their individuality. Tom Petty’s legacy lives on through his music, and “Wildflowers” remains a shining example of his talent for crafting songs that speak to the human experience.

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