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The Scientist by Coldplay – Ukulele Chords

by Per Kjeller
The Scientist Ukulele Chords - Coldplay

The Scientist Ukulele Chords – Coldplay. The chords used in this song are Dmin7, Bb, F, Fsus2, C/E, and C. Change the key of the song for FREE, as needed.

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The Scientist Ukulele Chords – Coldplay.

Dmin7Come up to meBbet you, tell you I’m FsorryYou don’t know how Fsus2lovely you areDmin7I had to find Bbyou, tell you I need FyouTell you I Fsus2set you apart
Dmin7Tell me your secrBbets and ask me your quesFtionsOh, let’s go baFsus2ck to the startDmin7Running in circBbles, coming up FtailsHeads on a Fsus2science apart
BbNobody said it was easyFIt’s such a Fsus2shame for us to partBbNobody said it was easyFNo one ever F+said it would be F6/9this   C/Ehard F    C    Oh, take me back to the start
Dmin7I was just guesBbsing at numbers and FfiguresPulling the Fsus2puzzles apartDmin7Questions of sciBbence, science and FprogressDo not speak as loudFsus2 as my heartDmin7But tell me you Bblove me, come back and haunt FmeOh and I rush Fsus2to the start
Dmin7Running in circBbles, chasing our ¡ailsComing back as Fsus2we are
Nobody said it was easyFIt’s such a Fsus2shame for us to partBbNobody said it was easyFNo one ever F+said it would be F6/9this   C/Ehard F    C    I’m going back to the start.
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The Scientist History

“The Scientist” by Coldplay is a poignant ballad that stands out as one of the band’s most emotionally stirring and beloved songs. Released in 2002 as part of their second album, “A Rush of Blood to the Head,” this track showcases Coldplay’s signature style of introspective lyrics combined with melodic piano-driven instrumentation. The song captures themes of regret and longing, wrapped in a tender melody that builds into a powerful crescendo, reflecting the complexity of human relationships and the desire for reconciliation.

Chris Martin’s compelling piano work is the backbone of “The Scientist,” setting a somber tone from the very beginning. His vocals are raw and heartfelt, perfectly conveying the vulnerability of the song’s lyrics, which explore the pain of coming to terms with a mistake and the wish to turn back time and start over. The simplicity of the arrangement—featuring piano, bass, and subtle drumming—allows the emotional depth of the lyrics to resonate deeply with listeners.

“The Scientist” received widespread critical acclaim for its straightforward, sincere songwriting and its ability to evoke strong emotions. The song’s music video, notable for its reverse narrative technique, further deepened the impact of its lyrics, creating a memorable visual experience that complements the song’s themes of reflection and redemption.

Musically, “The Scientist” fits into the alternative rock genre, but it also touches on elements of piano rock and pop rock, illustrating Coldplay’s ability to blend different styles to create a sound that is both unique and universally appealing. This track helped to cement Coldplay’s reputation as creators of thoughtful, evocative music that can appeal to a broad audience, making “The Scientist” a standout song in their discography.

Over the years, “The Scientist” has become a staple in Coldplay’s live performances and a fan favorite, known for its emotive power and sing-along appeal. Its enduring popularity is a testament to the band’s skill in crafting songs that not only reach commercial success but also connect with listeners on a deeply personal level. Through “The Scientist,” Coldplay delivered a timeless ballad that continues to move and inspire audiences around the world.

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