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The Final Countdown by Europe – Ukulele Chords

by Per Kjeller
The Final Countdown Ukulele Chords - Europe

The Final Countdown Ukulele Chords – Europe. The chords used in this song are F#min, Bmin, E/G#, A, D, and E. Change the key of the song for FREE if needed.

The Final Countdown Ukulele Chords – Europe


F#minWe’re leavin’ together but still it’s BminfarewellF#minAnd maybe we’ll come back to E/G#Earth who can AtellDI guess there is no Eone to blame Awe’re E/G#leaving F#minground (Eleaving Dground) Will things ever C#minbe the same Eagain
It’s the final F#mincountdown DBminE
The final F#mincountdown DBminE
F#minWe’re headin’ for Venus (Venus) and still we Bminstand tallF#minCause maybe they’ve seen us and E/G#welcome us AallDWith so many Elight-years to goAAnd E/G#things to be F#minfound (Eto be Dfound)I’m sure that we C#minall miss her Eso
It’s the final F#mincountdown DBminEThe final F#mincountdown DBminEThe final F#mincountdoE/G#wn      ADC#F#minOh
The final F#mincountdown DBminE
It’s the final F#mincountdown DBminEThe final F#mincountdown DBminEThe final F#mincountdown (E/G#final  AcountdoDwn)C#Oh
It’s the final F#mincountdownDWe’re leavin’ toBmingether   EThe final F#mincountdownDWe’ll all miss her Bminso         EIt’s the final F#mincountdown (E/G#final AcountdoDwn)C#OhIt’s the final F#mincountdown.

The Final Countdown – History

“The Final Countdown” by Europe is an electrifying anthem that epitomizes the bombastic energy and grandiosity of 1980s rock music. Released in 1986 as the title track of the band’s third studio album, it rocketed to the top of the charts in 25 countries, becoming an instant classic and one of the era’s most recognizable songs. With its iconic keyboard riff, powerful vocals, and soaring guitar solos, “The Final Countdown” is a quintessential example of glam metal and hard rock, capturing the spirit of an era defined by its larger-than-life music.

The song was written by Europe’s lead vocalist Joey Tempest. The story behind its creation is as interesting as the track itself; the iconic keyboard intro was actually composed by Tempest in the early ’80s, years before the song was finally recorded and released. The lyrics, inspired by the concept of leaving Earth to explore new frontiers, reflect the decade’s fascination with space and the future, adding a layer of depth to its catchy melody and anthemic chorus. This theme, combined with the song’s memorable music video, helped cement “The Final Countdown” as a symbol of the ’80s music scene.

What sets “The Final Countdown” apart from other hits of the time is not just its unforgettable melody but also its ability to evoke a sense of adventure and optimism. It has been used in countless movies, TV shows, and sporting events, often to signal the start of a significant moment or countdown, further embedding it in popular culture.

As a musical piece, “The Final Countdown” is firmly rooted in the glam metal genre, also known as hair metal, which is characterized by its flashy fashion, pop-infused hooks, and theatrical performances. Europe’s synthesis of synthesizers with a traditional rock band setup exemplifies the genre’s blend of hard rock energy and pop sensibility, making “The Final Countdown” a defining track of its time and a timeless anthem that continues to energize audiences worldwide.

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