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Something by The Beatles – Ukulele Chords

by Per Kjeller

Something Ukulele Chords – The Beatles. The chords used in this song are C, Cmaj7, C7, F, C/E, D7, G, F/A, G/B, and Ami7. Change the key of the song for FREE as needed.

Something Ukulele Chords – The Beatles

CSomething in the way she Cmaj7movesC7Attracts me like no other Flover C/E   D7Something in the way she GwoosF/Ame G/BAminI don’t want to leave her Ammaj7nowYou Amin7know I believe and D7how FEbG/D
CSomewhere in her smile she Cmaj7knowsC7That I don’t need no other Flover FF/ED7Something in her style that shows Gme F/AG/BAminI don’t want to leave her Ammaj7nowYou Amin7know I believe and D9how FEbG/DA
AYou’re asking C#min/G#me will my love F#mingrow         A/EI don’t Dknow, GI don’t AknowYou stick C#min/G#around, now it may F#minshow         A/EI don’t Dknow, GI don’t Cknow
CSomething in the way she Cmaj7knowsC7And all I have to do is Fthink of her FC/ED7Something in the things she shGows me   F/AG/BAminI don’t want to leave her Ammaj7nowYou Amin7know I believe and D9how   FEbG/A

Something by the Beatles – History

“Something” by The Beatles is a profound and enduring love song that stands as one of the band’s most celebrated works. Released in 1969 as part of their iconic “Abbey Road” album, and also as a double A-side single with “Come Together,” the song was written by George Harrison, marking a significant moment in his emergence as a songwriter on par with the Lennon-McCartney partnership. “Something” showcases Harrison’s maturing lyrical and musical talent, with its beautiful melody, sophisticated chord progressions, and heartfelt lyrics that ponder the depth of love.

The song’s arrangement is characterized by its lush orchestration, which includes a string section that enhances the emotional weight of the melody. The gentle guitar riff, played by Harrison, sets a tender tone from the outset, while Paul McCartney’s bass line, Ringo Starr’s restrained drumming, and John Lennon’s understated rhythm guitar work together to create a backdrop that allows the song’s romantic sentiments to shine. Harrison’s lead vocal performance is poignant and sincere, perfectly capturing the song’s introspective mood.

“Something” quickly became one of The Beatles’ most successful singles, admired by fans and critics alike for its timeless quality and the universality of its theme. The song’s acclaim is reflected in the numerous covers by artists across various genres, further testament to its wide-reaching influence and appeal. Frank Sinatra famously described “Something” as “the greatest love song of the past 50 years,” even though he mistakenly attributed it to Lennon-McCartney on occasions.

Beyond its immediate success, “Something” has endured as a landmark in The Beatles’ catalog and a high point in Harrison’s songwriting career. It represents a moment when The Beatles, despite the personal and creative tensions of their later years, were still capable of producing music of extraordinary beauty and depth. “Something” remains a beloved classic, a testament to the band’s enduring legacy and their ability to capture complex emotions in their music, making it one of the most cherished love songs in popular music history.

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