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Santa Baby Ukulele Chords by Taylor Swift

by Per Kjeller
Santa Baby Ukulele Chords by Taylor Swift
Santa Baby Ukulele Chords by Taylor Swift. The chords used for this song are D, G, Em, and A. Change the key of the song for FREE if needed.

“Santa Baby” is a well-known Christmas song, but it’s important to clarify that it was not originally by Taylor Swift. The song was actually written by Joan Javits and Philip Springer and was first recorded by Eartha Kitt in 1953. This sultry Christmas song, featuring flirtatious lyrics addressed to Santa Claus, quickly became a holiday classic. However, Taylor Swift did cover “Santa Baby” on her holiday album, “The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection,” which was released in October 2007. Swift’s rendition of the song stays true to the playful and whimsical nature of the original, while adding her unique country-pop style.

As for awards, “Santa Baby” itself, in its original form or in covers by various artists, including Taylor Swift, has not been specifically recognized with major music awards. However, it remains a seasonal favorite and has been covered by numerous artists over the years. A fun fact about this song is its enduring popularity and influence. Despite being over six decades old, “Santa Baby” continues to be a staple in holiday music playlists around the world. Taylor Swift’s version, in particular, brought the song to a younger generation, intertwining the classic charm of the original with her modern country-pop flair. This has helped in keeping the song relevant and beloved across multiple generations of listeners.

Santa Baby Ukulele Chords by Taylor Swift

Original recording is in the key of F. Capo 3rd fret to play along with recording.
D     G     Emin           A     x2
DSanta GBaby, just Eminslip a Sable Aunder the Dtree for GmeEminI‘ve been an Aawful good DgirlSanta GBaby, so Eminhurry down the Achimney toDnight G      Emin             A 
DSanta GBaby, a Emin54 conAvertible Dtoo, light GblueEminI‘ll wait Aup for you DdearSanta EminBaby, so Ghurry down the Achimney toDnight, Gyeah Emin            A 
EThink of all the fun I’ve missedAThink of all the fella’s that I haven’t kissedDNext year I could be just as EgoodIf Eminyou check off my AChristmas list
DSanta GBaby, I Eminwant a yacht and Areally that’s Dnot a GlotEminI‘ve been an Aangel all DyearSanta GBaby, so Eminhurry down the Achimney toDnight G      Emin            A 
DSanta GHoney, Eminone little thing I Areally DneedThe Gdeed Eminto a     Aplatinum DmineSanta GHoney, so Eminhurry down the Achimney DtonGight Emin            A 
ECome and trim my Christmas tree
AWith some decorations bought at Tiffany’s
DI really do believe in Eyou let’s Eminsee if you beAlieve in me
DSanta GBaby forEmingot to mention Aone little Dthing – a Gring
EminAnd I don’t Amean on the Dphone
Santa GBaby Eminhurry down the Achimney tonight.
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