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Maggie May by Rod Stewart – Ukulele Chords

by Per Kjeller
Maggie May Ukulele Chords - Rod Stewart

Maggie May Ukulele Chords – Rod Stewart. The chords used for this song are A, G, D, Emin, and F#min. Change the key of the song for FREE, as needed.

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Maggie May Ukulele Chords – Rod Stewart

AWake up, Maggie, I Gthink I got somethin’ to Dsay to youIt’s Alate September and I Greally should be Dback at schoolI Aknow I keep you Damused, but I Gfeel I’m being AusedOh, EminMaggie, I couldn’t have F#mintried any Eminmore
You Eminled me away Afrom homeJust to Eminsave you from being aAloneYou Eminstole my heart and Athat’s what Greally Dhurts
The Amornin’ sun when it’s Gin your face really Dshows your ageBut Athat don’t worry me Gnone, in my eyes, you’re DeverythingI Glaughed at all of your Djokes, my Glove, you didn’t need to AcoaxOh, EminMaggie, I couldn’t have F#mintried any more
You Eminled me away from AhomeJust to Eminsave you from being AaloneYou Eminstole my soul, and that’s a Apain I can Gdo withDout
AAll I needed was a Gfriend to lend a Dguiding handBut you Aturned into a lover, and Gmother, what a lover, you Dwore me outGAll you did was wreck my Dbed, and in the Gmorning, kick me in the AheadOh, EminMaggie, I couldn’t have F#mintried any Eminmore
You Eminled me away from Ahome‘Cause you Emindidn’t wanna be AaloneEminYou stole my heart, I couldn’t Aleave you Gif I Dtried
AI suppose I could Gcollect my books and get on Dback to schoolOr Asteal my daddy’s Gcue and make a living out of Dplayin’ poolOr Gfind myself a rock and roll Dband that Gneeds a helpin’ AhandOh, EminMaggie, I wished I’d F#minnever seen your Eminface
You made a Eminfirst-class fool out of AmeBut I’m as Eminblind as a fool can AbeYou Eminstole my heart, but I Alove you GanyDway
AMaggie, I wished I’d Gnever seen your DfaceAI‘ll get on back home Gone of these Ddays.

Maggie May History

“Maggie May” by Rod Stewart is a classic rock staple that captures the essence of youthful confusion and the bittersweet end of a love affair. Released in 1971 as part of the album “Every Picture Tells a Story,” the song quickly became one of Stewart’s most famous tracks, hitting the top of the charts in both the UK and the US. The song’s narrative is a poignant reflection on Stewart’s personal experiences, telling the story of a young man entangled with an older woman, named Maggie, and his conflicted feelings about their fading relationship.

The song’s arrangement is noted for its mix of folk rock and traditional rock elements, highlighted by the iconic mandolin played by Ray Jackson, which gives it a distinctive, melancholic feel. Stewart’s raspy, expressive vocals perfectly convey the emotional turmoil of the protagonist, making “Maggie May” a compelling and relatable song. The track starts with a striking acoustic intro, setting a reflective tone before transitioning into more dynamic and rhythmically driven sections, showcasing Stewart’s ability to blend soft rock sensitivity with a more robust rock sound.

“Maggie May” was initially released as the B-side to “Reason to Believe,” but radio DJs and listeners quickly recognized its appeal, making it a stand-alone hit. Its success solidified Rod Stewart’s status as a rock icon and marked a significant point in his career, demonstrating his skill as a storyteller and a vocalist. The song’s blend of folk and rock elements places it squarely within the genre of folk rock, but its emotional depth and lyrical complexity have allowed it to transcend musical boundaries.

Over the years, “Maggie May” has remained a beloved classic, frequently covered by other artists and featured in films, television shows, and commercials. Its enduring appeal lies in its timeless narrative, memorable melody, and Stewart’s gritty, heartfelt delivery. The song not only highlights Rod Stewart’s distinctive voice and stylistic versatility but also captures the universal themes of love, regret, and growth, resonating with audiences across generations.

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