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How Far Will I Go Ukulele Chords by Alessia Cara (Moana)

by Per Kjeller
How Far Will I Go Ukulele Chords by Alessia Cara (Moana)
How Far Will I Go Ukulele Chords by Alessia Cara. The chords in this song are C, Dm7, Am, F, and G. Change the key of the song for Free if needed.

“How Far Will I Go” is a beautiful and inspiring song featured in the hit Disney movie, Moana. The song is performed by Canadian singer-songwriter Alessia Cara, who brings a fresh and unique voice to the beloved animated film.

The song is sung by Moana, the adventurous young heroine of the movie, as she grapples with her desire to explore the ocean and follow her heart, despite the expectations of her family and community. The lyrics are powerful and moving, as Moana sings about her longing to discover what lies beyond her island home, and her determination to chart her own course, even if it means leaving behind everything she knows.

In addition to its musical merits, “How Far I’ll Go” has also become a beloved anthem of empowerment and self-discovery, inspiring countless fans around the world to pursue their passions and embrace their inner strength. The song has been covered by numerous artists, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who plays Moana’s ally Maui in the film.

How Far Will I Go Ukulele Chords by Alessia Cara (Moana)

CI‘ve been staring at the edge of the Dmin7water‘Long as I can AminrememberNever really Fknowing why
CI wish I could be the perfect Dmin7daughterBut I come back to the AminwaterNo matter how hard FI try
Every Aminturn I take every trail I trackEvery Gpath I make every road leads backTo the Cplace I know where I cannot goWhere I Fminlong to be
See the Cline where the sky meets the sea?It Gcalls meAnd no one AminknowsHow far it FgoesIf the Cwind in my sail on the sea stays behGind meOne day I’ll AminknowIf I go, there’s just no telling how far I’ll Fmingo
CI know everybody on this Dmin7islandSeems so happy on this AminislandEverything is by FdesignCI know everybody on this Dmin7islandHas a role on this AminislandSo maybe I can roll Fwith mine
I can Aminlead with pride I can make us strongI’ll be Gsatisfied if I play alongBut the Cvoice inside sings a different songWhat is Fminwrong with me?
See the Clight as it shines on the sea? It’s blGindingBut no one Aminknows how deep it Fgoes
And it Cseems like it’s calling out to me so come fiGnd meAnd let me Aminknow what’s Fbeyond that line? Will I cross that line?
And the Dbline where the sky meets the sea it Abcalls meAnd no one Bbminknows how far it GbgoesIf the Dbwind in my sail on the sea stays beAbhind meOne day I’ll Bbminknow how far I’ll Gbmingo
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