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Crazy by Patsy Cline – Ukulele Chords

by Per Kjeller
Crazy Ukulele Chords - Patsy Cline

Crazy Ukulele Chords – Patsy Cline. The chords used in this song are Bb, A7, G7, Min, F, Dim, and Dbdim. Change the key of the song for FREE, as needed.

Crazy Ukulele Chords – Patsy Cline

BbCrazyA7,I’m G7crazy for feeling so CminlonelyI’m Fcrazy, crazy for feeling so Bbblue   Bdim              Cmin              F BbI knew you’d Glove me as long as you CminwantedAnd then Fsomeday you’d leave me for somebody Bbnew Cmin7              Dbdim              Bb/D   
EbWorry, why do I Edimlet myself Bbworry? Bb7    CWondering what in the world did I Fdo?BbCrazyAf or G7thinking that my love could Cminhold youI’m Ebcrazy for Dmin7trying and Cmincrazy for Bdimcrying
And I’m Cmincrazy for Cminloving Bbyou Gb  
BCrazyBb7 for thinking that my love Dbminwould hold youI’m Ecrazy for Ebmin7trying and Dbmincrazy for CdimcryingAnd I’m Dbmincrazy for Gbloving Byou.

Crazy by Patsy Cline – History

“Crazy” by Patsy Cline is a timeless country classic that showcases the depth of Cline’s emotional expression and vocal prowess. Released in 1961, the song is a masterful rendition of heartache and longing, composed by Willie Nelson, and it stands as one of the most iconic recordings in the history of country music. Cline’s performance of “Crazy” is imbued with a poignant sense of vulnerability and strength, making it a definitive example of her ability to convey complex emotions through her music.

The arrangement of “Crazy” features a smooth blend of country and pop elements, with a gentle, lilting melody that complements Cline’s rich, expressive vocals. The song’s lyrical content, exploring themes of unrequited love and emotional turmoil, resonated with listeners and contributed to its enduring popularity. “Crazy” is often lauded for its sophisticated production, including the use of lush strings and a subtle rhythm section that enhances the song’s emotional impact without overshadowing Cline’s performance.

“Crazy” quickly became a hit, solidifying Patsy Cline’s status as a leading figure in country music and demonstrating the genre’s crossover appeal. The song’s success was a testament to Cline’s talent and the universal appeal of its themes, appealing to a wide audience beyond the traditional country music fan base. It has since been covered by numerous artists across various genres, a testament to its lasting influence and the timeless quality of its composition.

Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” remains a cornerstone of country music, celebrated for its lyrical depth, musical elegance, and the emotional authenticity of Cline’s delivery. The song’s legacy extends beyond its chart success, embodying the soul-stirring power of country music and its capacity to speak to the human experience. Through “Crazy,” Patsy Cline left an indelible mark on music history, creating a song that continues to captivate and move audiences around the world.

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