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Rebel Ukulele Review

by Terry
Rebel Double Creme Soprano Ukulele

Rebel is an up and coming ukulele manufacturer operated by a team of professional luthiers who collaborate to create custom ukuleles with the end goal of offering the ukulele community something fresh and different while giving back.

Rebel ukuleles are like nothing else. Sweet, pure sound is the company’s hallmark, and thanks to unique features, these instruments offer exquisite looks and an incredible feel in hand.

Quick Look: Rebel Ukuleles

Where Rebel Ukuleles are Made


Rebel Ukulele Price Range


$600 – $1,000+
Types of Ukuleles Rebel Offers


 Mini soprano, Soprano, Concert, Long Neck Concert, Tenor, Baritone  – All Rebel ukuleles are custom-made.
Recommended Skill LevelBest for beginners and intermediate players. Fun for more advanced players, particularly for casual travel use.

Top Picks Explained

The company’s founder, Peng, works alongside lead luthier Chote, who apprenticed under none other than Paul Okami. Before beginning his luthier career, Chote had 20 years of carpentry experience. Besides leading Rebel’s custom ukulele shop, he oversees production of KoAloha Opio ukuleles.

Peng learned how to build ukuleles in Hawaii, from master luthier Mike Uyeno. Using traditional methods to handcraft ukuleles, Peng, Chote, and the rest of the team come together to produce beautiful instruments that exhibit the very best in craftsmanship and design.

In case you do need to use the warranty, you’ll be glad to discover that Rebel will either repair or replace your ukulele if there are problems.

Let’s take a closer look at these incredible custom ukuleles, all made with solid wood and exceptional fittings.

The Best Rebel  Ukuleles Reviewed

Before we dive deeper into the wonderful world of Rebel ukuleles, we’d like to mention that this review focuses on a few unique models that captured our attention.

Don’t worry if the one you’re interested in isn’t mentioned here! We’d review every single ukulele produced by Rebel if we had time, but for now, it’s worth mentioning that this company offers nothing but the best, as you’ll see if you ever get the opportunity to take the factory tour like Terry did.

You’re not going to find an economy-grade uke here but if you do decide to invest in a Rebel , you’ll have a very difficult time putting it down.

Rebel Creme Brulee Soprano Ukulele Mango

Rebel Creme Brulee Soprano Ukulele Mango

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The Mango Creme Brulee series is a performing artist’s dream. As a grand piano serves as an upgrade to a basic upright piano, so the Grand Tenor takes the Soprano ukulele to the next level. Warm, rich, full-bodied sound with mesmerizing depth makes this instrument irresistible.

With florocarbon strings and 4:1 ratio Gotoh UPT tuners, these ukuleles are made with only the best woods and appointments. It has a soporano scale on an ebony fretboard.  This model has the thin body thickness. Though the body is thin, it does not sacrifice tone at all. It still has a big, bold, rich tone.

Rebel Double Creme Long Neck Concert Ukulele Mango

Rebel Double Creme

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This is a beautiful new solid mango super concert from Rebel that sounds great and has unique and striking design features. The artists and craftsmen at Rebel have made us another wonderful model and this one sounds fantastic!

This was made with solid mango wood and a has a beautiful gloss finish to protect and show it off. You will enjoy the ebony fret board with unique maple fret marker inlays, Gotoh UPT 4:1 geared lightweight vintage styled tuners, and a slim body profile that makes it extra comfy to hold and play. It feels great, looks beautiful, and the sound is warm and wonderful; you will love it!

Rebel Double Creme Soprano Ukulele

Rebel Double Creme Soprano Ukulele

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Built for powerful yet lightweight performance, the Rebel Double Creme Soprano offer a rich, full tone that rings out beautifully and fills a performance space even without amplification..

The extra depth makes this Ukulele even more Concert like than it’s sibling. You will find yourself playing open chords like C and F and just listening for several seconds as the note rings out to its conclusion.

How much do Rebel Ukuleles Cost?

Rebel ukulele prices vary from about $600 to about $1,200. You’ll find quite a few on sale for lower than MSRP. The best offer currently available is around $625, for the Rebel Double Creme Soprano Ukulele Mango “Little Giant”, which normally sells for $730.

Overall, are Rebel Ukuleles a good choice?

If you’re in the market for something other than a cheap beginner’s ukulele, then you’re probably going to love everything about Rebel ukuleles.

These instruments are of outstanding quality, they’re above average in terms of appearance, and they are backed by a robust warranty.

The most surprising thing about this brand (besides the unique configurations) is that it offers something for just about everyone in terms of price; whether you can budget a few hundred dollars or if you have a bit more to play with, you can treat yourself to a Rebel ukulele.

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Mark Hofman May 18, 2021 - 2:24 am

Got the Double Creme Soprano and OMG…it’s like Angels singing! Amazing instrument!

Jerry Skeenes November 15, 2023 - 3:25 pm

Good morning! What is the string spacing at the nut for the concert?


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