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Since 2006, engineer and Ohana founder Louis Woo has offered amazing ukuleles to players worldwide. Ohana’s ukuleles are typically crafted of exquisite tonewoods, with unique features and stunning finishes.

From the very beginning, working from his garage and then expanding to a storage space, Louis and his team focused on delivering a combination of great sound and overall quality to the company’s customers.

Today, Ohana has expanded to a 6,000 square-foot warehouse located in Long Beach, California. Every instrument is inspected and set up prior to delivery – even ukuleles under $100 are handled with care, so every customer receives the best possible playing experience.

Where Ohana Ukuleles are Made


Mostly China, although specialty instruments may be crafted elsewhere.
Ohana Ukulele Price Range


$79 – $1,000+
Types of Ukuleles Ohana Offers


 DIY Ukulele Kits, Sopranissimo, Sopranino, Soprano, Concert, Tenor, Baritone, Pineapple, Vita, Bell-Shaped, Banjolele, Cutaway, Electric, Left-handed, Long-neck, 6-string, 8-string, 10-string, Vintage
Recommended Skill LevelGood options for all skill levels – Entry level to professional performers


With so many ukuleles to choose from, how did we pick our favorites? It was definitely tough to choose.

After all, Ohana makes such a wide array of ukuleles, and every single model has something great to offer. The Ohana Ukuleles SK-10 Mahogany Soprano definitely caught our eye just because they’re so much fun.

Ohana Ukuleles are like nothing else. Sweet, pure sound is the company’s hallmark, and thanks to unique features, these instruments offer exquisite looks and an incredible feel in hand.

Best Rated Ohana Ukuleles Reviewed

Ohana Ukuleles SK-10 Mahogany Soprano


  • Size – soprano (12 Frets)
  • Mahogany neck
  • Laminate mahogany top, back, and sides
  • Satin finish
  • Overall instrument length: 21 inches

The SK-10 is Ohana’s most popular starter soprano model.  This soprano model is time-tested, and has been used by schools and communities around the world for its quality, sound, and durability.  Because it is made out of mahogany, it has one of the most consistent tones that is true to the iconic ukulele sound.

The SK-10 is built with the same construction as other higher-end Ohana products, which makes it an affordable choice for the beginner that is looking for consistency and quality. The neck profile is not too thin, yet not too thick, so it could fit a wide range of hand sizes.

The only disadvantages that I find with this ukulele are the price and unbound fretboard. Some might consider a $99 instrument not affordable enough, and the unbound fretboard could be susceptible to fret sprout in dry environments.  If the specs fit your needs, this ukulele is a great choice.

Ohana TK-70-6


  • Size – Multiple (14 to body; total 19)
  • Mahogany neck
  • Body Length: 12″
  • Headstock: Open slotted design

The Ohana TK-70-6 six-string ukulele features a solid spruce top that contrasts nicely with the solid mahogany back and sides. The Rosewood bindings are a nice touch, reflecting the same color as the rosewood bridge and fingerboard.

This ukulele features a mahogany neck that terminates in an open headstock with geared tuners and contrasting white buttons. The bone nut and saddle are nice upgrades and the satin finish keeps this uke looking natural.

Like other ukuleles with spruce tops, this one has a nice bright sound with mellow undertones that make it a pleasure to play. GHS Tenor 6 strings are pre-installed.

Ohana Soprano SK-20S


  • Top: Solid Mahogany w/ black/white purfling
  • Back: Laminate Mahogany
  • Body Length: 9-1/2″
  • Scale Length: 13-3/4″

This fantastic uke has a solid cedar top that lends plenty of warm brilliance to its tone. It has an Laminate Mahogany wood back and sides, nicely protected by a gloss finish. The mahogany neck feels fantastic in your hands.

Inside the open Mahogany headstock, you’ll find six geared Open geared tuners with a chrome finish. In case an starter ukulele is on your list, Ohana makes an excellent one in the same line with the same finishes and materials.

How much do Ohana Ukuleles Cost?

You can find an entry-level Ohana ukulele for a little more than $40, and perhaps for a touch less if it happens to be on sale. Ohana’s performance Series ukuleles are typically several hundreds of dollars and some of the best are close to the $1,000 mark.

Most Ohana ukuleles are priced between $79 – $800, satisfying most recreational players with a blend of quality and affordability.

Overall, are Ohana Ukuleles a good choice?

Ohana ukuleles have something for every budget under the sun, Ohana ukuleles are generally well-built using quality components and solid, reliable craftsmanship.

The sound is typically crisp and clear, with plenty of sunny, island-inspired tonality, and the options are almost dizzying, there’s so much to choose from.

We hope you enjoyed our choices and we wish you all the best as you decide on your next ukulele. Aloha!


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