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Master The Ukulele Book Giveaway

by Terry

Every month I will donate a set of my Uke Like The Pros books to an organization, group, or school making a difference in the ukulele world. The recipient of 25 Master The Ukulele 1 books for December 2018 is the Thunder Bay Catholic School District in Ontario, Canada.

Wanna nominate a ukulele group or organization?

The teacher, Mary Ellen Cain is teaching 200 seventh grade students how to play the ukulele. This hits home to me not only being dedicated to music education but also being a Christian and a Catholic.

Not all the students have the financial resources to buy an ukulele or music books so Thunder Bay has to subsidized many of the students in order to ensure every child has the opportunity to learn music.

I’m also going to send a copy of my Beginning Music Reading for Ukulele book to give them an additional resource to use.

I look forward to seeing and hearing how the students of Thunder Bay progress in their ukulele journey.

Quote of the Day – “Whether we are rich or poor we are all homeless trying to find our way back home”

Want to get a copy of my books?

They are available on Amazon under Uke Like The Pros

Beginning Amazon Book Links

Beginning Music Reading For Ukulele –

Master The Ukulele 1 –

Guitarlele for Ukulele and Guitar Players –

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