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Learn the Guitarlele Chords with this Chord Chart

And you can get it for free!

by Marialejandra Araujo

The search is over! You’ve just found the perfect place to not only understand what exactly a guitarlele is, but also get free access to a cool guitarlele chord chart with a great collection of the most used guitarlele chords you can use in hundreds and hundreds of popular songs.

Aren’t you tired of playing the ukulele without having that cool lower sound that only the lower note strings can give you? Or even worst: aren’t you tired of dealing with the common questions: “is a guitarlele a small guitar?”, “why don’t you just use guitar chords?” Let me know in the comments below if you’ve been having some interesting conversations about this, because I would like to hear about them!

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Lets get some things cleared once and for all:

  • No, the guitarlele is not a small guitar ( neither is the Ukulele, since there’s a confusion about this between non-ukulele players.
  • No, you can not use guitar chords on the guitarlele, since the guitarlele is tunned a 4th Sure, the chord shapes are pretty similar to the guitar chord shapes. For example, if you play a C chord on your guitarlele you’ll use the same chord shape as the G chord for guitar. Again, same chord shapes but different notes because you’re using a different tuning.
  • Yes, you can tune your guitarlele like a guitar by going down a 4th. Since the guitarlele tuning is A-D-G-C-E-A, you need to loose the strings and go down 4 steps to get to the guitar tuning, which is E-A-D-G-B-E. Although you can do this, it doesn’t mean it’ll sound good, because the strings will get too flabby.

Guitarlele chords

Ok, now that we cleared some of the most common questions, it is now time for us to dive into the guitarlele chords. If you already play the ukulele and are used to the ukulele chords, I have some big news for you: you already know 70% of the chords!! Wait… what? How?

Since the Guitarlele tuning comes from the ukulele tuning itself, you can think of the new pack of chords as an extension of the ukulele chord diagrams. For example, if you play the C chord in your ukulele, you would need to add your 3rd finger to the 3rd fret of the 1st string, right? To turn this ukulele C chord into a Guitarlele C chord, you would need to add 2 more strings to that actual chord diagram. Check the image below to easily understand how this change works:

Same thing will happen to every other ukulele chord that you want to play on your new Guitarlele. If you already know the ukulele chords, you’ll only need to memorize the las 2 strings of the new instrument. And that’s it!

Here are some other examples of the ukulele chords turned into Guitarlele chords:

Sometimes is better to actually understand the process involved in this before stressing yourself out about the challenge that involves learning a whole new set of chords. Remember something: You already know 70% of the Guitarlele chord chart, so… learning only the last 30% of the chords doesn’t sound that awful, am I right?

If you need help on learning this cool instrument, this is your lucky day, because we offer the best Guitarlele content out there! Here at you can find Guitarlele chords, challenges, giveaways, workshops and so much more!

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Also, if you’re thinking about getting a Guitarlele and this article convinced you to go for it already, you can check our Guitarlele collection at the #1 ukulele shop which is

Good luck in your journey and happy strumming!

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