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Home Songs How To Play Chuck Berry Johnny B Goode Ukulele Tutorial

How To Play Chuck Berry Johnny B Goode Ukulele Tutorial

by Terry

Want to learn to play a cool Chuck Berry lick on the ukulele in the style of Johnny B. Goode? If so I got you covered.

This tutorial focuses on the main riff that can be heard on many Chuck Berry songs, including Johnny B. Goode, Roll Over Beethoven, and Carol. This lick is an essential component of every great blues ukulele and guitar players from Jimmy Page to Jake Shimabukuro.

For this ukulele lesson, I have transposed the song from Chuck’s original key of Bb to D. The key of D sits better on the ukulele than the key Bb. The techniques you will learn are double stops, slides, and hammer-ons.

The cool thing about the ukulele is that once you have this lick memorized in the key of D, all you have to do must do is move it up and down the neck to transpose it to different keys.

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Chuck Berry Johnny B Goode Ukulele Chords

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