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Is the Ukulele Easier than the Guitar?

Learn the benefits and highlights of the ukulele in contrast with the guitar

by Frances Lin

Is the Ukulele Easier than the Guitar? The ukulele is very much a satisfying instrument to pick up, and a huge part of its appeal is the ease of starting a journey with this instrument. On the very first day, I was strumming a tune that I could sing to, which was exciting. A few down strums of three chords, and you immediately have a song! We will look into the differences between the ukulele and the guitar and review the challenges of these instruments.

Differences between the Ukulele and the Guitar

There are some general differences between the ukulele and the guitar, and as you read on, you will likely understand why the ukulele is so popular and why it is so easy to pick up. At Uke Like the Pros (ULTP), your ukulele experience is deepened with fundamentals, instruction, and community which we will be touching upon later in this article once you see how easy it is to pick up the ukulele. If you are interested in the guitar, there are resources as well on Rock Like the Pros, so keep that in mind.

Size and Scale Length

Perhaps the the biggest difference between the ukulele and the guitar is the size. The largest ukulele is the baritone, which is still smaller than a guitar. The bigger body of the guitar can make it more cumbersome to play as opposed to the travel size ukulele. My Romero Creations Tiny Tenor goes everywhere with me, and it takes little effort to pack it in my car and go.

If you fly a lot like me, you will immediately notice how easy it is to bring your ukulele on the plane. A guitar is much more difficult to bring, and sometimes they force you to check it at the gate. The scale length (length from nut to saddle) is 17” for a typical tenor ukulele, whereas the guitar has a scale length of 25.5”. Terry Carter breaks this down in this informative video, Differences Between Ukulele and Guitar.

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Sound and Difficulty

Sound and difficulty of playing are also differences between the ukulele and the guitar. Because the body is bigger in a guitar, this instrument has a much bigger sound. But the guitar’s body can be difficult for beginners to get used to. Strings are an issue as well. Ukuleles often have fluorocarbon strings which are light to the touch. They are my favorite strings.

However, most guitars have steel strings, which can be hard on the fingers. Nevertheless, I must be honest and say that I am considering picking up the guitar,  butI know there is still much more to learn about the ukulele. I genuinely enjoy the portability of the ukulele, and my small hands and fingers will likely be challenged by a guitar.

Is It Hard to Play the Ukulele?

Like I said before, I already played my first song on the very first day I picked up my ukulele. There is definitely the appeal of playing songs that you can sing to rather quickly. Although this is so true, there is so much to learn about this instrument, and I keep learning as each day passes. There is a multitude of ways to challenge yourself with the ukulele as well as many directions to go in order to deepen your understanding of this versatile instrument.

Getting Started Quickly

The ukulele basics that you need to know in order to play are fairly simple. You need to learn how to hold the ukulele which is not difficult. Your hand and finger positions need to be executed correctly, but there are a handful of chords that when learned, immediately offer you many song possibilities. Of course, as with any instrument, the ukulele can get as complicated as you like. You can explore variations in strumming patterns, chucking, and fingerpicking, and all of this is available, along with the fundamentals at ULTP.

Learning the Fundamentals

ULTP offers so many avenues to choose from to learn the fundamentals and to play with other ukulele players of varying skill levels. I am a premium member, and I have access to all the ULTP courses which go from the basics to beyond. I took the beginning boot camp, and I moved forward through as many courses as possible to build a solid foundation. From holding the ukulele to strumming properly, these courses take you step-by-step to success. The community, ULTP Nation, is also encouraging and enlightening. You can join ULTP Nation through live Q&A sessions led by Terry Carter as a premium member.

The following video gives you information on the ULTP resources and tips for picking up the ukulele, Is it Hard to Play the Ukulele? Get a taste of Terry Carter’s teaching style by watching videos on YouTube to get a sense of the type of work that ULTP does.


Picking up the ukulele has been nothing short of amazing and satisfying for me. Although I already had a musical background, I have seen others without one flourish on this portable, versatile instrument. With the support of ULTP, you can move at your own pace while learning the fundamentals of this instrument. Uke Like the Pros has everything you will need to pick up this instrument, so explore the site Terry Carter Music Store. You can find the specs of ukuleles and accessories that you will need. Pick up the ukulele today!

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