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How to Use the ULTP Ukulele Chord Chart and Videos

The search is over!

by Frances Lin

Are you looking for resources that will help you improve and even thrive at playing your ukulele? Are you a beginner or an advanced player, searching for a ukulele chord chart? Uke Like the Pros has a plethora of resources (free and some at low cost) to help you grow as a musician. Before becoming a platinum member, I watched quite a few videos. Well, actually everyone I could find! I learned so much that I decided it would be great to join ULTP Nation, and I have grown tremendously while having so much fun with fellow ukulele players. This article will highlight some of the awesome golden nuggets that ULTP has on its website, on YouTube, and in the ULTP Nation premium or platinum memberships. 

Starting with the ULTP Ukulele FREE Chord Chart

ULTP includes a physical, ukulele pocket chord chart with every ukulele, baritone ukulele, guitarlele, and even guitars sold. I have a few, and I tuck it in my gig bag before I grab my ukulele and go! Although you can find it online in many of the sections under ULTP videos, you can download this ukulele pocket chord chart here. Although it is preferable to have your major and minor chords memorized, this is a great ukulele tool to have for quick reference. I take mine everywhere I go and find it to be an essential resource when I visit my ukulele family for jam sessions.

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Ukulele Chord Videos from ULTP 

Our very own Terry Carter has a multitude of videos online for free, most on YouTube. You probably have seen articles on how to play all kinds of chords on the ULTP blog just like this one. Those videos are available on YouTube as well and take the ukulele player through the fretboard work and strumming skills necessary to play all kinds of different chords.

This video, How to Play the C Chord ULTP, is an example of one of these videos. By watching these videos, you can get a sense of Terry’s teaching style which is perfect for beginners, intermediate players, or advanced players depending on which videos you view.

ULTP Technique Videos 

Some of my favorite ULTP videos are the technique videos which are seamless and very doable for beginners. Technique videos walk the ukulele player through the steps to achieve success with some helpful reminders and tips to ease the learning process. This section highlights some of the types of technique videos that you can find from ULTP.


Strumming Patterns for Beginners 

In this video, Strum Patterns for Beginners, Terry Carter incorporates some music reading fundamentals into the practice of strumming correctly on the ukulele for beginning ukulele players. It takes a lot of practice for beginners to achieve the kind of strumming that will ultimately become automatic.

The foundation of becoming a proficient ukulele player is always integrated into the ULTP videos, and as you notice this, you will definitely want to become a premium or platinum member to access all the courses available from ULTP. There are many courses, and I watched a lot of videos in the beginning to master certain skills. From learning How to Hold a Ukulele to playing specific chords, you will learn so much as a developing musician.

Ultimate Chord Progressions 

As you watch ULTP videos on YouTube, note that Terry will mention classes that are free on the website. This video, Chord Progressions, comes with an invitation to access a free master class on the ULTP website. This is another excellent opportunity to try out the courses to see if you want to be a part of the ULTP nation. This video is one of 26 that takes the ukulele player through “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” by learning chord progressions.

If you want a complete chord collection then do not miss the opportunity of having our brand new Ukulele Chords poster, with more than 180 chords, plus the notes in the neck and some other cool information. Find it here:

Other Opportunities to Learn from ULTP Videos

There are other opportunities to get involved with ULTP for free as well as you consider becoming a part of ULTP Nation. Remember, this is a ukulele community that plays and learns together. As Terry has said in his videos before, the worst player in a group learns more than anybody else in the group! I find this to be absolutely true when I play with my sister and her husband. I learn so much when jamming with them as I am the latest ukulele player in the family.

Beginner Song Challenges 

Beginner Song Challenge is an example of a live video on YouTube where all ukulele players learn songs and play together. Challenges oftentimes include ukulele giveaways for the selected winners who post their ukulele playing recordings for others to view. If you have never done this before, do not fear.

This is a great opportunity to see your strengths and weaknesses while having fun and getting out of your comfort zone. This is an important part of playing the ukulele, growing, and sharing music with others. Plus, you could get a brand new ukulele!

Tips and Tricks for Ukulele Stardom 

Other videos emphasize aspects of ukulele playing that can help you master your instrument such as How to Practice the Ukulele. I watch these videos all the time to remind myself what it takes to become an accomplished musician. In this video, Terry provides five ways to enhance your practice routines. Videos are oftentimes short and sweet, providing helpful tips and tricks that will develop musical growth!


There are many facets to developing and thriving as a musician. ULTP can be a huge part of that process. Learning never stops, and once you have established yourself as a musician, it is important for you to build on your knowledge as you improve and grow. My main focus is getting a good routine for practice time on my ukulele. As I write this, I am thinking about everything Terry has said in all the videos I watched. Trust me, ULTP can help you realize your ukulele dreams of success one step at a time!

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