How To Strum The Ukulele – 3 Tips – Beginner Uke Tutorial

In this video tutorial, I will share the most important aspect of playing a Ukulele– STRUMMING. For any ukulele player, whether you play in a group or at home, or you are a beginner or an experienced player, knowing how to strum properly is important. The mistake that most people make is that they simply pick up the ukulele and strum what comes naturally to them. The problem with this approach is since the technique is incorrect, it limits their talents and can even cause injury. I am working on helping you attain mastery at playing the ukulele, so I have specially created this video to address the issues associated with strumming.
In this lesson, I will give you useful tips on how to avoid mistakes and become a great strummer.
I will talk about:
1. The finger to be used for strumming.
2. Where exactly to strum.
3. Looseness and flexibility of the wrist.


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