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Get Your Very Own KoAloha Ukulele (or Guitarlele)

by Terry

Many of you know that I have been sponsored by KoAloha Ukuleles from the very start.
Matter of fact they supported me from the very beginning. I first reached out to them before I never filmed a single ukulele video.
I guess they liked my energy and my vision. Although having a good friend of mine, who was a KoAloha artist, vouch for me probably didn’t hurt either.
Anyway, a few months ago KoAloha approached me and thought it would be cool to see if any of my members would be interested in a KoAloha Ukulele.
You know me, I’ll jump into anything feet first and see how it goes.
So they send me a shipment of ukuleles and I ended up selling some pretty quickly.
If you saw my last YouTube video, Guitalele UNBOXING | KoAloha Ukulele Surprise, I showed the new shipment I got of ukuleles.
I know how scary it can be investing in a ukulele that you buy online, so I decided to take some of the worry away.
I have filmed a separate video for every ukulele I have (a total of 6) and the 1 guitarlele I have.
This way, you can see and hear the exact ukulele that you are buying.
Although I do pay for these ukuleles I am willing to give you the best price you will find anywhere by a long shot.
The only reason that I do this is to get a quality instrument in your hands because I believe it makes playing the ukulele that much more enjoyable.
So if you see the ukulele on the page, that means I still have it. As I sell them, I will take them off the website.
If your interested in one of them, just email me with the one you like and we can work out the details.
You’ll notice I clearly label each ukulele and video and give each ukulele it’s own cool name.

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