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G Major Chord Mania Tutorial

by Terry

Welcome to another addition to the Chord Mania!!! Series. In this 4K ukulele tutorial will teach you how to play one of the most important chords of the uke, the G chord.

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You will be surprised to know that most of your favorite songs feature the 3 finger G chord. The G chord is not too hard to play but it becomes a more difficult stretch as you slide it up and down the neck to play chords such as the A, Ab, B, and C. But, well get to that in a minute.

This is how you play the G chord.

The G chord is a triad comprising the 3 notes G-B-D. Although you play all 4 strings for this shape, you are only playing 3 different notes because the G note is used twice.

The notes of G chord arise from the G major scale: G-A-B-C-D-E-F#-G. You will find that the G-B-D notes are the 1st, 3rd, and 5th degree of the scale.

Once you gain mastery on the G chord, you will be able to slide it up and down if you understand the location of the root of the chord. In this specific case, the root of the chord is G which is either the open 4th string or the 2nd string 3rd fret.

If you can identify the root of this chord it will make it easy to find any other major chord up or down the ukulele neck. For example, if you slide this G chord up 2 frets and move the open 4th string up 2 frets you will get an A chord.

Notice the stretch of the fingers involved with this chord. It may be new to you but it can be a great chord to help build strength and dexterity in your fingers.

Move this shape up one more fret and you get the A# chord.

Move it up one more fret and you have the B chord.

Move it up one more fret and you have the C chord.

You can continue to slide this chord around the neck and find any major chord you are looking for.

Remember to memorize our original chord, the G major chord. Next remember the notes of the chord, where the root is, and how to play the new shape as you move this chord around the uke neck.

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