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Free Ukulele Christmas Songs with Chords

Three Christmas songs from the ULTP song page that are geared towards adventurous beginners

by Frances Lin
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How can you access a wealth of Free Ukulele Christmas songs online? With Uke Like the Pros (ULTP)! ULTP has a songs page that houses various Christmas songs for varying levels of ukulele players. In this article, I am reviewing a few fun Christmas songs that are geared toward the adventurous beginner. We also have other articles that target beginners, so there is something for everyone here on our ULTP blog and ULTP Nation.

Celebrating Christmas Songs with Uke Like the Pros

ULTP has many of your one-stop, ukulele needs covered from a vast store to courses that will help you build a strong, musical foundation. This is a link to access many Christmas songs for all ukulele players regardless of your level – ULTP Songs Page. Enjoy perusing this part of ULTP as you settle into the holiday spirit. I will be reviewing three songs that are for the adventurous beginner – ukulele players who want to progress after playing open position chords for a while. These Christmas songs are all accessible through the songs page link.

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ULTP Resources

ULTP has everything that you need to become a successful, ukulele player. Consider joining ULTP Nation by becoming a premium member. You will have all the courses necessary to learn the fundamentals of music. You can begin exploring by watching videos like this one – Top 5 Things to Do When You First Get an Ukulele. In this video, Terry Carter teaches you the top 5 things necessary to get started as a ukulele player:

  1. Tune Your Ukulele.
  2. Hold Your Ukulele Properly.
  3. Learn How to Count.
  4. Know Your Chords
  5. Strum Effectively.

I suggest you watch some videos on YouTube to get a feel for the ULTP way of instructing you as a musician. There are so many resources out there for you with ULTP including this free chord chart that will help you play the Christmas songs on our Christmas song page – Free Ukulele Chord Chart. ULTP has everything that you need to make Christmas fun to celebrate!

Some Good Places to Start for Three Christmas Songs

The three songs that I have chosen to highlight in this article can all be accessed from the ULTP song page. Here are the links for these three songs: All I Want for Christmas is You; Feliz Navidad; and Let It Snow. I selected these songs because I feel that the adventurous beginner needs to begin progressing by learning these songs which will lead to mastery of bar chords, as covered by our own Terry Carter.

Bar Chords

I once heard someone say that the reason why ukulele players struggle with bar chords is because they avoid them. I was one of these players! In this video, How to Play Bar Chords, Terry walks you through the process of playing bar chords which you will need to know in order to learn these three songs I have highlighted. I selected contemporary and classic Christmas songs to add variety. The adventurous beginner should branch out and try to get out of their comfort zone, and there is no more fun way than learning Christmas songs along the way!


‘Tis the season to be jolly, and you can do it with ULTP Nation. ULTP has so many resources that you can access for free, and if you have not yet done so, consider joining ULTP Nation. There are so many wonderful ways to get involved in a musical community such as this one. Look out for other fun ways to celebrate the holiday season with us, and enjoy exploring your ukulele journey through a beautiful, festive time of the year!

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