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The Easiest Christmas Song to Play on the Ukulele

Tips to Play the Easiest Christmas Song on the Ukulele

by Frances Lin
ukulele for beginners

What is the easiest Christmas song to play on the ukulele? Maybe you just received or purchased an ukulele, and you’d like to play a Christmas song. Well, here you go! With a few skills, tips, and resources, you can absolutely play “Silent Night,” even if you just picked up an ukulele!

Uke Like the Pros Resources

There are so many ways that you can utilize resources from Uke Like the Pros (ULTP), and I will review them in this section. First, there are many videos on YouTube that you can access, led by our very own Terry Carter. There are so many instructional videos and tutorials that are free to all. Viewing them gives you a sense of how Terry teaches, which may lead you to join Uke Like the Pros Nation. I am a premium member and have been since I purchased my first ukulele. You learn so much, especially the fundamentals vital for your musician’s progress. I will link videos specific to playing “Silent Night” throughout this article, so I have you covered.

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Christmas Song Pages on ULTP

This is a link to the Christmas song pages on ULTP that are free with chords and lyrics, ULTP Songs Page. On this page, you will find Silent Night. This is the easiest song to play of all the Christmas songs out there. It only uses three chords – the C major chord, the G7 chord, and the F chord. These are the first few chords that most ukulele players begin with as they embark on their musical journey.

The C chord was my first chord, then the F chord, and then the G7 chord. Because these chords are easy to play, this song is accessible to beginning ukulele players, even those who just picked up the instrument. I will review a few things you need to know to play this Christmas song successfully. You can use simple downstrokes, so if you have not yet mastered strumming, you can still play and sing this tune!

Skills Necessary to Play “Silent Night”

The first thing you need to learn is how to hold your ukulele. Terry breaks down the process in easy steps in this video, How to Hold Your Ukulele. He demonstrates how to hold your ukulele with or without a strap. I do suggest you get a strap for your ukulele when you are first learning, especially if you have a bigger instrument like a tenor or even a baritone.

Strumming on the Ukulele

This is probably the most challenging part of first picking up a ukulele; however, for “Silent Night,” you can simply use downstrokes to play the chords which can be done with your right thumb or forefinger. I use a slightly curved forefinger and stroke where the body and neck of the ukulele meet. This gives you a warmer sound that balances the treble and bass out. Keep a very loose wrist. This was my biggest obstacle when I first started strumming because I used my elbow and not my wrist to strum. Terry has many starter, instructional videos for beginners. As a premium member, you have access to his entire library of courses, which is invaluable. This video will show you how to strum:

Learning the Chord Shapes for “Silent Night”

There are three videos that you can watch which will show you how to play the three chords necessary to play “Silent Night.” These are the links to the chord videos – How to Play the C Chord on the Ukulele; How to Play the G7 Chord on the Ukulele; How to Play the F Chord on the Ukulele. We also have articles on the ULTP blog that outline how to play these chords. You will definitely use these chords as you continue learning new songs, so memorize them now! It will make your chord transitions easier.


If you want to venture further with “Silent Night,” there is a Christmas video, Silent Night Video, which guides you through a more blues-like version in this tutorial/play-along. It is in the key of C and is a rendition based off of the Temptations. Enjoy playing the easiest Christmas song out there, “Silent Night!”

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