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Double Stops Ukulele Lesson – F Major Scale

by Terry

Hi guys,

Ever wondered what is a double stop in ukulele? A double stop is when you play two notes at the same time. In this tutorial, I am going to discuss using the double stops with the F major scale. I have chosen the F major scale as it normally does not go to high and most ukuleles will play it perfectly.

So, the notes are going to be on only two strings i.e. the first and the second string. Talking about the position of the fingers, the index finger will be on the 2nd string. Also, the middle finger will be on the first string.

Another thing to note here is that I will only be using the pinches all the time in this tutorial. I have discussed every single finger position in detail clarifying both up and down motions.

Try to make sure that you are following my fingers just as I have shown in the video. This will allow you to play it perfectly and effortlessly.

And of course the last thing – Practice it multiple times!

Enjoy the video!

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