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Day Tripper Ukulele Tutorial Beatles

by Terry
Hi! Welcome Back to 4k Chord Mania! In this tutorial, I will explain how to play the Intro to Day Tripper by The Beatles.
This tutorial is a from the “10 Classic Rock Licks For Ukulele.” Although this is a special course for Ukelikethepros members, I wanted to share it with you.
The Beatles played the Day Tripper in key E. This is great on the guitar but not the ukulele.
For your making it easy to play on the ukulele, I have transposed it on Key C of the ukulele. This lick has all single notes and playing it could be challenging on the original tempo.
The intro is based around two chords of Key C (the C7 chord and F7 chord).
The best way to increase your speed and accuracy is by practicing each lick slowly and memorizing it.

Day Tripper intro ukulele chords by The Beatles

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