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Home Chord Mania D Major Ukulele Chords Tutorial for Beginners

D Major Ukulele Chords Tutorial for Beginners

by Terry

Ready to learn your next ukulele chord? Brace yourself as we learn one of the most difficult chords played on the ukulele.

My plan was to introduce this chord a bit later in the series, but a conversation with one of my students changed my mind. My student has followed all the Chord Mania!!! videos and was curious to know “what is the most difficult ukulele chord?”

I could have thought of a very hard chord that has a big stretch and nearly impossible to play. Or I could have thought of a bar chord which many people struggle with.

But, I thought that if this student, who is a beginner, wanted to know this info, then others ukulele players probably would want to know what the toughest chord is.

So I decided to film this uke tutorial on the D major chord, which is now online.

In the video, I discuss all the details from the fingering used, the notes in the chord, and how to move up and down the neck effectively.

This video will also help you get ready for other difficult chords coming next in the Chord Mania!!! series. Remember It is always good to keep evolving and not limit yourself to only the basic general chords.

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