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Christmas Ukulele Songs for Beginners

The 5 best five Christmas songs for the beginning ukulele player!

by Frances Lin

What are some great ukulele Christmas songs for beginners? We have you covered at Uke Like the Pros (ULTP)! I will be highlighting five Christmas songs that are perfect for beginners. Along the way, we will learn a few things that may help you modify some of these songs in a creative way even as a beginning, ukulele player!

Christmas Ukulele Songs with Uke Like the Pros

If you are not yet a part of ULTP Nation, you should definitely consider it. Joining during this time of the year is a great way to invest in your journey as a musician, and as a premium member, I have enjoyed the endless instructional videos that helped me build a strong, musical foundation. It is especially fun to join during the holiday season because we have so many festive resources for Christmas, including this free songs page, ULTP Songs Page, where you can find countless Christmas songs for all levels.

A Fun Way to Add Spice to Your Christmas Songs

A skill that may be helpful to you as you explore the Christmas songs with chords on our ULTP Songs Page is learning strum patterns that will help you grow as a musician and that might add a fun way to change up your Christmas Songs. In this instructional video, Terry Carter reviews seven easy ukulele strum patterns:

I will be discussing five beginner Christmas songs in order from easiest to hardest, and knowing these strum patterns can help you play all of these songs and even modify them to enhance your musical experience. We also have a free chord chart here, Free Ukulele Chord Chart, that will be useful as you explore these five, Christmas songs!

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Five Beginner Christmas Songs

I have selected five, beginner Christmas songs in order of difficulty – Deck the Halls; Jingle Bells; 12 Days of Christmas; Frosty the Snowman; and Mele Kalikimaka. You can click on these links that will take you to our songs page for each song that includes the chords that go with the lyrics.

Highlights of Beginner Christmas Songs

Deck the Halls” is the easiest of the five and only has three simple chords for the entire song. If you are a little past the beginner stage, you may use a different strum pattern you learned. “Jingle Bells” is a classic with only four chords. All four chords are pretty simple to play and will stretch you a little more. “12 Days of Christmas” is a fun song with only five chords. You are adding a few new chords that you may not know, making it a little more challenging. “Frosty the Snowman” has six chords, adding a little more difficulty. However, it is absolutely doable for the beginning ukulele player.

“Mele Kalikimaka”

Mele Kalikimaka is a festive, fun song, especially since its origin is Hawaii! You will learn your 7 chords with this favorite that has six different chords in it. Checkout this tutorial/play-along for this song as well:

You can get the music and backing track for free as well as you explore these songs further. This version of the song has a more reggae feel to it and teaches you how to chuck! Both versions are doable for the beginner, but you might want to start with the version in the songs page if you are a novice.


Christmas is a great time of the year to sing with your family and friends, and with these songs and others on the ULTP songs page, you can really enjoy the holiday season with music and a sense of celebration. These five songs will stretch you as a musician as well without frustrating you. Enjoy Christmas with ULTP Nation!

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