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Can You Play Any Song on the Ukulele?

From Rock to Classical, How Versatile is the Ukulele?

by Kevin Rossi
Can You Play Any Song on the Ukulele?

What kind of songs can you play on the ukulele? Here at the Terry Carter Music Store, we get questions like this all the time from prospective uke players who want to know if they’ll be able to play any song on the ukulele before they jump into their music journey.

Any Song on the Ukulele

It’s a fair question to ask. The ukulele is not widely known for its versatility. Many people consider the ukulele to be a simple instrument, some even go so far as to consider it more of a toy. Much like “city folk” according to Farmers Only, these uke haters just don’t get it.

While it is true, the ukulele is a relatively easy instrument for the beginner to learn, you can also play very advanced music on it. And while many people think of simple strumming songs like Riptide, or Somewhere Over the Rainbow when they think of the uke, that’s just what hits the mainstream.

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In this article, I’ve pulled together some great examples of people playing a wide range of genres on the ukulele, to show the instrument’s versatility for those contemplating picking up the uke, and hopefully to inspire those who already play to branch out and try some new things!

You Can Play Any Song On The Ukulele… Like:


The ukulele isn’t so different from a guitar, and you can even get solid body electric ukuleles! So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that people have been shredding and rocking out on the uke for quite some time. Here are some great examples:

James Hill plays Jimmy Hendrix’s Voodoo Child on an electric/acoustic uke with a pickup.

The Overdriver Duo plays an unplugged all uke version of Guns N Roses Sweet Child O’ Mine (solo included)

A mix of Rock Classics played on both electric and acoustic ukes from Karl Golden Music

Bonus Metal riff from Karl Golden Music


Here is Ukebox with a Beatles medley

James Hill Plays all the parts of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean on just one ukulele


Taimane plays Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 In G Major

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Taimane Plays Carmen from the opera by Bizet

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata

Hip Hop

Will Smith performs his hit title track from Men in Black with Stefan Raab

A ukulele cover of Eminem’s song Lose It



Autumn Leaves

Jake Shimabukuro plays Jazz uke

Movie Themes

Mission Impossible

James Bond performed by Mike Haysom Music

Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter


So there you go, as you can see, the ukulele can play just about anything if you put your mind to it!

For more lessons on chords, techniques, and songs to help you along on your own uke journey, make sure to check out our site We offer you a bunch of great ukulele content that comes hand-in-hand with an awesome ukulele community that will support you in this journey.

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