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C Minor Minor Pentatonic Scale

by Terry

Are you ready to learn one of the coolest scales played on the ukulele? In this 4K ukulele tutorial we will dive into the C Minor Pentatonic Scale. This scale is designed to help you improve your technique and give you a tool to start improvising.

Although you can play your soprano, concert or tenor ukulele for this lesson, I do recommend playing it on a uke with a low G. I will be using my KoAloha tenor.

Learning how to play a solo is one of the most common questions students want to know. It’s much easier than many of us imagine but there are a few tips and tricks that I will show you in this video.

First you must get this C Minor Pentatonic Scale memorized. Until you have it both in your fingers and in your ear, it’s hard to use it creatively.

Second, you must play it will good time and feel. It has to be smooth and effortless and that only comes with hard work and practice

Although you can play the C Minor Pentatonic in the open position, I decided to teach this as a closed position scale, meaning no open strings. The main benefit to closed position scales is that they are easy to move up and down the ukulele neck and play them in different keys.

The pentatonic scales only have 5 notes and the notes of the C Minor Pentatonic Scale are C – Eb – F – G – Bb.

This scale will sound great over a Blues in the key of C and also over a C Minor Chord.

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