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C Major Chords Tutorial

by Terry

Are you ready to learn easy ukulele chords? The Chord Mania!!! series is back, this time with all 4K videos. In this video tutorial, I am going to discuss how to play the very first chord that most ukulele players learn, the C Major chord.

This is one of the most important chords to play both as a beginner or master. As in the entire Chord Mania!!! series I will show you how to play the chord shape, but also show you all the notes that make up this wonderful chord.

What’s more to learn?

First, you learn the main shape of the C Major chord, followed by the notes that make up the chord. We will also see the relationship between the notes of C Major chord and the C Major scale.

Like other Chord Mania!!! lessons, once we get down the shape of the C chord, I will show you how you can slide up and down the ukulele neck so that you can play any major chord that you need.

Here are the 3 main points you want to take from this lesson: (1) memorize the shape of the C Major chord (2) learn the notes that make up the C chord (3) learn how to take this chord shape and play it all around the ukulele neck.

To become master in ukulele playing, keep your eyes on all the points discussed in the tutorial and once you become the master of ukulele chords then you can enjoy playing it anytime.

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